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A collection of entertaining and informative free books on Stress, Stress Management, Positive thinking, Personal Development and Biofeedback, that you can freely down load. Web masters, feel free to place these files on your web page as free down loads!

Learn the skills to enjoy life!

Download, or read these free books on personal development online here!

Read the online version of the 'Stress Management' book here.

Read the online version of the 'Power Positive Thinking' book here.


The ZIP version of the Free Books on this site should work on all computer systems, Apple, Linux, UNIX, Windows etc., with an Internet browser program installed.

Power Positive Thinking,

This book is an enjoyable and informative guide to Positive Thinking,
Add more power and direction to your life!

positive.zip (695K) All operating systems

Stress Management,
This book has information about the dynamics of stress that everyone should read.
Plus lots of useful tips on how to remove stress from your life!

stress.zip (775K) All operating systems

Web Artist,
A simple practical and graphical guide on how to make web pages.

webarta.zip (1.016meg) All operating systems

"I see a tall dark stranger M'Lady,"
A graphical and animated fantasy story, suitable for adults and children alike.
( Last update 3rd March, 97)

mylady.zip(470K) All operating systems

(Check for new free books and book updates in the coming year!)

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