Tillyard Drive Medical Practice

Corner of Tillyard Drive and Garrad Court (123 Tillyard Drive) Charnwood ACT 2615
Phone numbers

  • Tel:  (02) 6259 7216

    Refer to message on answering service for after hours contact number

  • Fax: (02) 6147 0022
  • E-mail:    Reception staff       

  • Please note that this e-mail should only be used for administrative matters. NO clinical issues will be discussed via plain un-encrypted e-mail

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide the highest standard of patient care whilst incorporating a holistic approach toward diagnosis and management of illness.

    We are committed to promoting health, wellbeing and disease prevention to all patients. We do not discriminate in the provision of excellent care and aim to treat all patients with dignity and respect

    Practice Background

    The Practice started operating from the front 1/3 of the current premises in June 2006.
    We very quickly outgrew the facilities and resources and after recruiting Dr Kotie we expanded to the current facilities in October 2007
    Since 2012 we have been active involved in teaching ANU Medical Students
    We started training GP Registrars in 2015

    Our intentions was to be a Family orientated GP clinic and Dr Thinus would be focused on doing his skin cancer related work.
    In the twelve years that followed we found that Dr Thinus and Riana were increasingly diverting more and more of their Clinical hours into administrative tasks required to run the business while working unsustainable hours.

    This was not good for us or our patients and we therefore made the decision to close our Clinic down towards the end of 2018 and start working as contractors
    at a new Ochre Medical centre that is due to open in November at Kippax
    (in the old Magpies Club building).

    Closing down our Clinic and going to work at a Corporate Clinic was no easy decision.
    The larger Corporate Clinics often do not offer patients the type of care that our Doctors are used to deliver at our Clinic.

    Ochre however offers a different model - our patients will still book to see their favorite Doctor, get their recalls & reminders and get all other services that they currently get.

    The major difference will be that Dr Thinus & Dr Riana will have their time freed up to spend more time on medicine.
    Our other regular Doctors will also make the move to the new Clinic and the expectation is that our Staff will join us there.

    The new Clinic will end up with more Doctors, Nursing staff, Allied health, etc. and at this stage it is all looking very exciting.

    We will post another announcement once a more definite date has been decided on and will then advise any patients who do not want to follow us across to Kippax how they could a request for a file transfer.
    You don't need to do anything If you are happy to tag along with us to the new Clinic - we will transfer all the information across when the transition happens

    We are unable to accept any new GP patients until the clinic has closed down


        Monday to Friday: 08h00AM until   05h30PM



    There is a range of online services available for known patients of the practice
    Online bookings can be made for a selection of appointments using the Appointuit system
    - this can be done on this webpage or via the Appointuit App on a Smartphone

    Similary basic GP consultations can be booked free of charge using

    Ozdocsonline also offers limited access to requests for scripts, copies of results, Referrals and even e-Consults.
    If an online request is refused the cost of the request will be reimbursed to the patient.
    About our Staff
  • Office Manager

  • Receptionists

  • About our Doctors
  • Dr Thinus van Rensburg
    Only accepts new skin cancer screening patients
  • Dr Riana van Rensburg
    Does NOT currently accept new patients
    Consulting three days a week
  • Dr Kotie Ras
    Does NOT accept new patients
    Consulting every Friday

    Due to some techical issues online bookings for Dr Kotie has been deactivated.
  • Dr Chinchu Ann Varghese
    Does NOT accept new patients
    Consulting three days a week

  • Dr Raja Ahluwahlia
    Sees patients on Thursdays mornings. He does NOT accept new patients

    New Patient Documentation - please download and fill the following forms out. Bring them with you when you arrive (15min before booked consultation time)

    New patient form for all new patients

    Skin history form for new skin cancer clinic patients

    Further Information

    Practice Brochure

    There is a range of posters, leaflets, and brochures about health issues relevant to the community available for all of our patients in various locations at the Practice.

    As of 1 May 2016 we have started participating in the My Health Record program
    Our Practice does still have some serious concerns about certain elements of this program
    and we are therefore only offering it to known GP patients of the practice
    (Skin patients should please see their own GP)
    after a dedicated bulk billed consultation to discuss the matter.
    Please feel free to book such an appointment but note that no other matters will be dealt with during that consultation

    Dr Thinus' musings

    Follow us on

    where we keep patients up to date on current topical matters relating to health, medical matters and our clinic

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