World Building

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Websites on World Building

A Way with Worlds: World Creation Column. This site collects 56 essays on various aspects of world building, focusing on constructing worlds for writing rather than roleplaying.

Patricia C. Wrede's Worldbuilder Questions. A world building template that consists of a comprehensive list of questions in categories such as architecture, calendar, government, medicine and many more. The same questions can also be found at this other site, with the author's permission.

Rich Staat's RPG/World Building Articles. Almost two dozen articles on world building and roleplaying.

World Builder Projects. This site is hosted on Tripod which means annoying pop-up ads. Links to world building forums, world building projects, guides, articles and other resources. There is little overlap between those links and the ones here. Last updated in September 2004.

Discussion Forums

Wizards of the Coast Boards: Campaign Workshop. The board's description is: "Formerly the Homebrew forum.) Discuss the books that allow you to create your own campaign world, like the Stronghold Builder's Guide, new terrain books like Frostburn, and genre-specific books. Campaigns created from scratch welcome as well. Post here and get feedback from other game design hobbyists."

Constructed Worlds

I've only listed constructed worlds if it's clear that the website is intended for public viewing. If you have a constructed world you'd like listed here, please email me with the details.

Fargoth World Building Project. A collaborative project to construct a generic fantasy roleplaying world. Extensively detailed with good web design.

Eshralopedia. Encyclopaedia for the world of Eshraval, a collaborative geofiction project and game. From the website's description of the project: "For those of you unfamiliar with the genre of geofiction or political fiction, Eshraval is literally a fictional world much like Earth where everyone who plays has a say in its creation. It is not just the brainchild of a single individual, but rather the collective creativity, imagination, and effort of dozens of individuals from all over the world. It is a place where individuals take on the mantle of nations, and interact with one another much like nations on Earth do today. They compete in a variety of sporting events, sign treaties and agreements, establish embassies and consulates, develop rivalries and alliances, and generally role-play out events of the day, from the mundane to the extraordinary."

Homebrew Guild. The home page for a webring of constructed RPG worlds.

Krae Virdani. A personal world building project that is currently active. It is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Star Harbor Nights. Star Harbor Nights is a constructed world that provides a setting for superhero stories. The website is described as a zine for free superhero-related prose.

Tellith. Made available under the Open Gaming Licence.

Urbis: A World of Cities. Urbis is a world currently under development for the d20 system and made available under the Open Gaming Licence. The designer maintains a Developer's Journal.

World of Meln. You can join a mailing list to get updates to the site. Last updated December 2004.

The World of Therra. Therra is a 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons world and the author invites the submission of articles or scenarios for the world. The site was last updated in March 2004.

Reference Material

Ancient World Web. Index of links to websites that provide information on the ancient world. Over 1000 sites indexed and checked by the website owner. Last updated in June 2004.

Archery Articles. Over two dozen articles on archery, some of which were originally published in the Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries.

Behind the Name: The Etymology and History of First Names. A useful source for names from around the world.

British Titles of Nobility. A great reference for understanding the British peerage system.

Castles of the World. This website is sometimes useful for information and pictures of castles.

Colonial House. Website for the PBS program, Colonial House, which premiered in May 2004.

The Costume Ring. Web ring of sites on costuming, focusing on information and instructions rather than commercial sites.

The Division of Territory in Society. From the author's notes: "The Division of Territory in Society is a compendium of research conducted over the last thirty years or so, formally beginning with work on my doctoral dissertation back in 1968 and continuing through this evening (30-Jul-95) sometime. The "book", if that is still the proper word for it, has been through several incarnations and will, I presume, continue to evolve in its present format."

The Domesday Book Online. The site also has some general information on 11th century life.

Great Buildings Online. A useful collection of images of buildings. Unfortunately it also comes with lots of pop-up ads.

Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Design. The illustrated catalogue includes some beautiful work, including medieval and celtic style jewellery.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project. The Internet History Sourcebooks are collections of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use.

Juha Vesanto's maps page covers software for map-making and sources of real world maps. There are a few links to maps of constructed worlds.

Medieval Naming Guides: English. A great source for medieval names.

Medieval Sourcebook: Medieval Price List. This is very useful when working on constructing a more realistic economy than found in roleplaying rulebooks. The Medieval Sourcebook is one of the Internet History Sourcebooks mentioned above.

morgueFile. Free stock photography site.

Salamander Armoury. Jim Hrisoulas owns Salamander Armoury. He makes knives, daggers and swords for sale. Not only does the site have beautiful photos of Jim's work, there is also information on the forging of swords, and some articles by Jim about metallurgical topics.

stock.xchang. Free stock photography site.

Virtual Cave. Information and pictures of caves.

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