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3rd Roleplaying news, articles, reviews and discussion. forums. The articles section has some very useful articles on world building as well as more general roleplaying issues.

AEGIS: Alliance of Eclectic Gamers and Interactive Storytellers Bridging Gamers. Building Worlds. This is the website of a roleplaying group based in the Philippines. It has sections on what rpgs are (for those new to roleplaying), a promise of forthcoming game reviews, articles compiled from mailing list discussions, short stories, gaming anecdotes, fantasy art, and what looks like descriptions of hombrew systems being designed by Aegis members. The resources section has a large number of annotated links to other websites, but it doesn't appear to be updated regularly as some of the links no longer work. The articles are the reason this site is on my list of bookmarks.

Alan's Dungeon Master Tools. Last updated in February 2005, this site has various utilities for Dungeons and Dragons (many in VB) to generate NPCs, weather, monsters, inns, streets and so on. There are also campaign resources such as maps, adventures, spells, monsters, NPCs and so on, but apparently mostly for earlier editions of Dungeons and Dragons.

Changes for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, collected by Steven Cooper.The author has read the 3.5 Players' Handbook and chapters 7 and 8 of the Dungeon Master's Guide and compared them to 3.0 rulebooks. The changes are highlighted and shown in context. The files are not intended to be a substitute for purchasing the 3.5 rulebooks.

The Creature Catalogue. Monsters, monsters and more monsters. A terrific source for 3rd edition conversions of old Advanced Dungeons and Dragons monsters.

DnD Adventures. The front page of the website promises articles, downloads, adventures, NPCs and a 2500+ member forum. Comes with pop-up ads that spawn even bigger pop-up ads when you close the window.

DnD Character Survey. A long list of questions to aid players in developing their characters in-depth. d20. Material for the d20 system, last updated April 2003. The Bestiary and Organizations sections have no content, but Grimoire has some arcane healing spells, and Prestige Classes contains several of them.

Dungeons and Dragons Silliness. New feats, classes, and prestige classes. Strong focus on martial arts.

Jackelope Crossing Games. A non-commercial site with articles on roleplaying and some Dungeons and Dragons settings.

Global Surrealism RPGs: RPG Design and Essays. This site has a couple of roleplaying games, one of them designed for a 24 hour challenge on The Forge. The only RPG essays that I can find are in the reviews section, on some of the stranger elements of Dungeons and Dragons settings (featuring among others, the gelatinous cube and the bulette).

Hidden Way. Various roleplaying resources that I haven't reviewed yet.

The Hypertext d20 SRD. Exactly what it says.

M.J. Young Net. M.J. Young's consolidated web pages. Apart from M.J.Young's published RPG Multiverser, there is a very large amount of material on rolelaying generally and Dungeons and Dragons specifically. Among this material is an alignment quiz for characters, a guide to character creation, footwear for characters, the application of inheritance laws when characters return from the dead, and math and language skills based on character class. The essays are about Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, both editions, not 3rd edition, as far as I can see.

Mu's Unbelievably Long and Disjointed Ramblings About RPG Design . Lots of stuff on roleplaying game design, some of which is applicable to world building. I have only read some of the material. The author is under the impression that only males were counted in censuses because only males are capable of doing productive farmwork.

The Olde Phoenix Inn. Material on Dungeons and Dragons and science fiction. A good site that loads quickly and is easy to read. Last updated in May 2005.

See P XX. A regular column on roleplaying by Robin Laws.

Seventh Sanctum. Associated with an online store, this site has various resources for roleplaying, including random name generators and technology generators.

System Reference Documents. A private site not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. SRD for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and d20 Modern.

Talen's Forge. Dungeons and Dragons resources such as spells, magic items and monsters. The menu has a section for articles but there aren't any yet.

The 3rd Monster. Feats, classes, rules, magic spells, items, monsters, planning tools and so on. I haven't checked any of these resources and merely quote from the front page of the site.

Uncle Figgy's Realm. Home to Uncle Figgy's guides to GMing and roleplaying. Uncle Figgy enjoys a light, cinematic style of play and the guides reflect that. The lists of links are categorised and annotated.

Wizards of the Coast main site.

Wizards of the Coast downloads. This includes a link to downloads for earlier editions of the game.

Wizards of the Coast & Dragon Magazine Prestige Class Reference List . A dedicated website owner maintains a list of references to all prestige classes in published Dungeons and Dragons sources. Last updated in May 2005.

Last updated: 2 June 2005

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