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Last checked: 2 June 2005

Recipe Collections

American Heart Association Cookbook. The number of recipes available here is very small compared to some of the big recipe sites. Unsurprisingly, tends towards low fat recipes and vegetable oils instead of animal fats, so baking recipes use vegetable oil instead of butter.

All Recipes. This site has over 23,000 recipes. Recipes are submitted by members, and then rated and reviewed by members. Most of the content is free, but premium recipe collections are available only to paid subscribers. I'm not a member. Indian recipes. This site used to have classified advertising as well but I couldn't see any the last time I visited. It is now free to access all recipes and you no longer need to log in.

Bare Ingredients. 17 results for "pasta salad", and not one of them called "Pasta Salad". A gourmet recipe site, smaller on numbers than the big recipe sites, and no obtrusive ads. Recipe Search. Lots of recipes to search through. My test search for "pasta salad" brought up over 2000 recipes, many of which were named "Pasta Salad". The recipes look to be of random quality, having been submitted by internet users. Be prepared for lots of pop-up ads.

Cooking and Kitchen Techniques. A very interesting website by Peter G. Aitken, with recipes, cooking techniques, and food myths debunked. Recently modified. Unfortunately, I could not get the javascript links to work with either Internet Explorer 5.0, or Netscape 7.0. Possibly they are made to work with more recent versions of Internet Explorer.

Epicurious. This site bills itself as "The World's Greatest Recipe Collection", and it certainly is my favourite recipe site. The recipes have been previously published in various cooking and recipe magazines (mostly Gourmet and Bon Appetit). If you join (membership is free), you get access to a recipe box and other features, but you don't need to join to search for, or view recipes. There are over 16,000 recipes to search from, and you can also read user reviews. This site also has pop-up ads and other advertising. No longer viewable with Internet Explorer 5.0 but membership is still free.

Fatfree: The Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe Archive. These appear to be recipes archived from a mailing list, and probably of variable quality.

Food Network. Recipes from television cooking shows, rated with difficulty levels. Also stuff on entertaining (including menu planning for small and large crowds), drinks and so on. One of the more prolific pop-up ad producers. Recipes, menu ideas, cooking techniques and entertaining. Mexican or Mexican-influenced. Not as much choice as some of the large recipe sites, but then, who needs 700 pasta salad recipes anyway?

The Heart of Jo Ann's Kitchen. A small, but personal recipe collection. No ads, no javascript, no suggestions to buy any products. Just recipes.

Hub UK: Recipes and tips for lovers of good food and gourmet cooking. Not just recipes, but meal ideas, wine and so on.

Lisa's "Tried-and-True" Recipe Collection. Another personal recipe site, this time with vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Meals for You. Search through over 2000 recipes. Registration is free and gives you access to extra features, but it looks like you can access all recipes without registering. A nice feature is that you can exclude particular ingredients from your searches, which is useful for people with food allergies and intolerances.

Middle Eastern Recipes. A very nice collection. The site encourages you to buy the books that the recipes are taken from, but the recipes are free to access. There is no search facility, though. You can only browse through the recipes in various categories.

Recipe Archives. These are about 3700 archived recipes from (1993-2003), but if you join The Recipe Club (not free), you get access to over 38,000 recipes. I'm not a member.

Recipe Source. The new home of SOAR: The Searchable Online Archive of Recipes. I got 191 results from a search for "pasta salad", so this site is one of the larger ones. Seems to be free and without advertising, but it asks for payment through the Amazon Honor System. A site that helps you learn Thai cooking, with a relatively small number of recipes. Middle Eastern, Indian, Pakistani and Southeast Asian recipes. Part of a larger site which carries online shopping and matrimonial ads.

Recipe Links

All India Site - Recipes Index. This site has links to almost forty Indian cooking sites. I haven't checked any of the links.

Other Food Sites

CalorieLab. A source of data on the calorie content of common American foods, with basic nutritional data and a calories-burned function. There are plenty of ads for weight-loss programs. Recipes, drinks and so on - even recipes for dog treats, but I use this as an encyclopaedia of obscure foods.

Last updated: 2 June 2005

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