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Last checked: 2 June 2005

The Art Renewal Center. Ever suspected that modern and postmodern art was empty rubbish? Now you know that an overwhelming body of evidence and historical fact agrees with you, or so this site claims. You can find lots of William Bouguereau and Lawrence Alma-Tadema scans here.

ArtSource. Lots of links to art and image sources on the web. Includes architecture and ceramics, photography and new media.

Brom. Brom's official website, with a gallery and online shop.

L'Art en Finlande entre 1870 et 1920. Why there is a French site about Finnish art, I do not know. But here it is.

The Araminta Station. Scans of fantasy art by Araminta. 749 paintings and sketches from Frazetta, Royo, Boris and more.

WebMuseum. A nice collection of Western art from the medieval period to the 20th century, with a touch of Japanese art and architecture. Apparently a private project that respects copyright law.

CyberGallery 66. Show #3 is currently showing.

Digital Wasteland. Fantasy-themed 3d art. Original art by David Lloyd, not reproductions of someone else's work.

Last updated: 8 January 2005

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