Stupid Moments in Comics

The Uses of Shape-Shifting

Garfield Logan, Beast Boy of the Teen Titans, can take on the form of any animal life. Here, he changes into a nematode to retrieve Raven's chakra which has been swallowed by Brother Blood. Perhaps he's changed into Ascaris suum, which is one of the largest roundworms and reaches a length of 20cm. It's a stupid moment because you'd think that a trip into a stomach as a very small worm is a one-way journey. Yet somehow, Logan gets Brother Blood to regurgitate him as well as the chakra.

The nematode stupid moment

Panel from p.11, Titans 12, reprinted in Teen Titans: Family Lost (DC Comics, 2004). Image used for review purposes.

They Don't Make Secret Bases Like They Used To

The Hulk breaks into the secret headquarters of the anti-Hulk conspiracy by widening a small crack in a large mountain. It looks as if the Hulk can exert force at a distance since the crack is wider at the top than at the bottom.

The Hulk stupid moment

Panel from p.7, The Incredible Hulk 54, reprinted in The Incredible Hulk: Split Decisions (DC Comics, 2004). Image used for review purposes.

Pushing the Moon Around

After pulling the Moon into the Earth's atmosphere to set the White Martians on fire, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern pull it back into its orbit. While this was going on, all of the Earth's magicians floated in the Earth's upper atmosphere to nullify lunar gravity, but I still think this is a pretty stupid moment.

A planet pushing stupid moment

Panel from p.96, JLA: Terror Incognita (DC Comics, 2002). Originally published in JLA 58. Image used for review purposes.

Planet Pushing Superman

The pre-Crisis Superman was able to shift planets on his own. Now, he needs the help of Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter to shift the Earth back into its proper orbit. I'm trying to imagine what happened to the moon in all this orbital shifting.

A planet pushing stupid moment

Panel from p.119, JLA: The Obsidian Age, Book Two (DC Comics, 2003). Originally published in JLA 75. Image used for review purposes.

Planet Robbing Villains

I'm usually generous to comics from the 1960s and 1970s, but this exceptional moment of stupidity deserves mention here. The Fatal Five steal not a whole planet, but a large chunk of one.

A planet robbing stupid moment

Panel from Superboy 219 (DC Comics, 1976). Image used for review purposes.

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