Climate and Vegetation in Aletheia

I have completed a draft vegetation map for Aletheia. It shows climate zones only as they affect vegetation, hence the difference between warm and cold arid areas. Aletheia does not have all of the climate types found on Earth. The Koppen classification of climate types is:

A: Humid tropical (including monsoonal wet)
B: Arid (tropical and temperature)
C: Humid warm temperate
D: Humid cold
E: Ice sheets

Type E climate zones are not found in Aletheia. There is permanent snow in high altitude areas, but there are no large areas covered with ice sheets. There are no polar ice caps.

On Earth, Type C climates are found between latitudes of 25 and 45 degrees. On Aletheia, they are found between latitudes of 30 and 60 degrees. Higher latitudes have cold climates.

On the vegetation map, tropical rainforest is found in the humid tropical climate zone. Tropical forest and savannah is also in the humid tropical climate zone, although the further one goes into the rain shadow of the mountains, the drier it gets. Arid zones are separated into warm and cold climates. Coniferous forest corresponds with Type D climate (humid cold - plenty of snowfall in winter), and broadleaf evergreen and deciduous forest correspond with Type C (humid warm temperate climate). However, broadleaf deciduous forest is found in slightly colder climates than is broadleaf evergreen forest. Grassland is in the humid warm temperate climate, although it is drier than the forested warm temperate climate areas.

For clarity, the map does not show transition climate types, but transition zones do exist, and one type does not end abruptly where another starts.

Vegetation Map

Vegetation map of Aletheia
Tropical rainforest colour Tropical rainforest
Tropical savannah and forest colour Tropical savannah and forest
Broadleaf forest (evergreen) colour Broadleaf forest (evergreen)
Grassland colour Grassland
Broadleaf forest (deciduous) colour Broadleaf forest (deciduous)
Warm desert and semi-arid colour Warm desert and semi-arid shrubland
Cold desert and semi-arid colour Cold desert/semi-arid shrub and grassland
Coniferous forest colour Coniferous forest
High altitude vegetation colour High altitude vegetation

Last updated: 20 September 2004

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