Sir John Grice is an 0-4-0ST locomotive, and was built in Bristol, England in 1926 by Peckett & Sons Ltd. It was of that company’s “Cranmore” class, and has Peckett builder's number 1711.

In 1991 it had a relatively busy year running a couple of special trains between Belgrave and Lakeside, and working on the then recently relaid section of track from Gembrook to the main-road crossing about 1.6 km west of Gembrook.

More details of the locomotive can be found here.


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Sir John Grice crosses the Monbulk creek trestle bridge near Belgrave on a special two-car train bound for Lakeside, in December 1991.

Close up of Sir John Grice on the Monbulk Creek bridge, December 1991.

On the same train, Sir John Grice approaches the main road level crossing between Menzies Creek and Clematis, December 1991.

Sir John Grice approaches Clematis station, December 1991.

Sir John Grice was turned on the turntable at Emerald, and is here seen between Emerald and Nobelius Siding, December 1991.

At Nobelius station, December 1991

And at the then end of track, about half a kilometre beyond Lakeside.

Awaiting departure from Lakeside, December 1991.

In the same year Sir John Grice was taken by road on several occasions to the newly laid section of track from Gembrook to the main-road crossing. Special trains were run on this section on Gembrook market-days. This picture shows Sir John Grice about half-way between the main-road crossing and Gembrook, bound for Gembrook.

And another view.

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