On Sunday 22 September 2013 the Puffing Billy Railway ran a "Thank You" special train hauled by Climax locomotive No.1694 from Belgrave to Menzies Creek.

The train was run as a way of thanking those involved in the restoration of the locomotive, and over 100 people were invited.

It was a very busy morning on the railway, providing many interesting photographic opportunities.

Four locomotives are shown in these pictures:

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8A Climax and 6A at Belgrave

NA class locomotive 8A, Climax locomotive No.1694, and NA class 6A at Belgrave at about 8.45am on Sunday, 22 September 2013, preparing for a busy day's activities. Beyer Garratt G42 is also in steam, but outside the picture to the right of 6A.

8A and Climax 1694 at Belgrave

8A and Climax No.1694 at Belgrave. 22 September 2013.

Climax 1694 about to depart Belgrave

Climax locomotive No.1694 at Belgrave about to depart for Menzies Creek, 9.30am Sunday 22 September 2013. The schedule allowed one hour for the 6.3km journey, including one photostop.

Climax on bridge No.5

Climax locomotive No.1694 on Monbulk Creek bridge. 22 September 2013.

Climax beyond bridge 5

Climax locomotive No.1694 beyond Monbulk Creek bridge working up the grade towards Selby. The gradient in this section varies between 1 in 42 and 1 in 47, and the curves are mostly between three and five chain radius.

Climax near site of landslide

Climax locomotive No.1694 between Selby and Menzies Creek, 22 September 2013.

8A and G42 entering Menzies Creek

NA class locomotive 8A double-heading with Beyer Garratt G42 bringing the first regular train of the day into Menzies Creek. It was the first weekend of the school holidays, and the train was long – 16 or 17 vehicles. The leading 11 or 12 vehicles would be taken on to Lakeside by 8A, whilst G42 would take the trailing 5 or 6 carriages (which were reserved for passengers travelling only to Menzies Creek) back to Belgrave empty. On arrival at Belgrave G42 would then take the "Lunch Train" to Lakeside, also with about 16 vehicles.

G42 at Menzies Creek

Beyer Garratt G42 basks in the sunshine at Menzies Creek, prior to returning to Belgrave. 22 September 2013

Climax and G42 at Menzies Creek

Climax locomotive No.1694 and Beyer Garratt G42 together at Menzies Creek, 22 September 2013. In their previous lives these two locomotives would at least occasionally be seen together at Collins Siding on the Walhalla railway. But they certainly would not have been in such pristine condition, the Climax especially having a hard life on the Tyers Valley timber tramway, where it ceased working in 1949.

The header photograph on this page ...

is at Menzies Creek, and shows Climax No.1694 on the left, NA class 6A – coming from Belgrave – in the middle, and Beyer Garratt G42 on the right. 6A is bound for Gembrook – the end of the line, and 24km from Belgrave – and G42 is about to return with its empty cars back to Belgrave.

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All photographs Copyright Frank Stamford who may be contacted by email at: frank.stamford@bigpond.com

Last updated: 2 April 2016