There is no direct railway connection between Bergen and Stavanger, it would be very difficult to build one.

Bergen is Norway's second largest city with a population of 210,000, and Stavanger is the fourth, with a population of 170,000.

The distance between the two cities is 190 km by road, but the fastest method of public transport between the two cities is by express boat (four hours).

The bus takes five hours, but it is a far more interesting trip than the express boat.

There is a reason why the bus only achieves an average speed of 38 km/h on the journey, for the highway has a number of interesting features:

The photographs were all taken on the first ferry crossing. The second ferry crossing was just long enough to purchase and eat lunch on board. In any case by that time the weather had deteriorated and the rain deterred me from taking photographs.

Frank Stamford

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On board the ferry. The Bergen - Stavanger bus is the front vehicle on the right. The buses run every hour and are always the first vehicle on and off the ferry.

Because of its complicated coast line ferries are widely used in Norway. Two ferries running on different routes depart from the same place south of Bergen, this is the other one.

There is plenty of room for passengers on the ferry, both inside and outside.

View from the ferry.

Leading to bridge

Another view from the ferry.

bridge pier

Inside the ferry.

The cafeteria area on the ferry. Not very busy at this time, on the second ferry crossing it was very busy, as it coincided with lunch time, and there was only a short time to buy things.

This is a model of the ferry which is displayed inside the ferry!

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