Hamar, on Lake Mjøsa has a population of about 24,000, is about 130km north-east of Oslo. It was the starting point of the first 3ft 6in gauge public railway in the world. That railway initially terminated at Grundset, and was opened in 1862. It was eventually extended to Røros, where it met another 3ft 6in gauge line from Trondheim.

Hamar is the location of the Norwegian Railway Museum.

Frank Stamford

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Hamar station, from the road side. This magnificent building was designed by Paul Due, and built in 1895. From around 1896 to 1912 the Norwegian Railway Museum was housed in an upstairs room. This is actually the third Hamar station, as the railway rapidly outgrew the earlier timber structures.

Hamar station from the trackside. For many years this was the break-of-gauge point where travellers from Oslo to Røros and Trondheim changed from standard gauge to 3 ft 6 in gauge trains. The overnight trains to Trondheim included sleeping cars.

The central ebtrance hall of Hamar station, from the rail side.

Close-up of details of the central entrance hall.

Inside the entrance hall of Hamar station.

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