The Magic Band .... 50 MHz

VK5KK at 70 feet on Eric VK5LP's Tower, at Meningie SA

And for all those "Magic Banders" (50MHz to us oldies!) here are some useful links to help you work more Countries. For some reason, 50 MHz is the only band I am not currently active on. I have no excuse.
VK5KK SMIRK #2481 - 100/200/DXDC errrr 2 cycles ago! Equipment hasn't changed either ... still have the old TS600 - 8875 amp 400Watts to single 8 element that will have to be finally replaced with something else as it has fallen to bits!

Latest MUF Global Map

Australian Ionospheric forecast

Sunspot Cycle Analysis

FAI - Field Aligned Irregularities

VK5KK's 50 MHz Transverter (144 MHz IF)

International beacon list

While you wait for propagation

UKSMG  UK Six metre Group

26 to 51 Mhz Frequency Database by Steve VK3OT

6 Metre DX Page from New Zealand

  VK2FLR VHF DX Sounds Archive

The next cycle has started or so I am told. Don't forget that in VK the local calling frequency is 50.200 MHz. 50.110 MHz is reserved for Real DX , now lets please all use some common sense this time around!