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VK5KK Microwave Website  - 15 years on!

July 2012

The long overdue redevelopment of the website has begun! Over the next few months new links will appear to the right as sections & pages are uploaded.

Zoom on 15 years, what has changed? More activity, better frequency stability and exponential availability of surplus parts! That means VK5KK has had to retire the IC202/402, built new transverters, antennae & GPS locking, all to be covered in future web content.

Some things haven't changed ... a lot of the gear from the 90's is still being used for VHF/UHF field days! "Exhibit A" to the left the 1995 DB6NT 10 Ghz 1W transverter still going strong .. its only mod has been adding an OCXO & Reflock.

Most of the original 1997 website with broken links still hosted on Ozemail (as in 1997) is to the right. The new site will be mirrored on vk5kk.com