crafers weather station

 Latitude S 34° 59' 22"    Longitude E 138° 43' 40"    Elevation 500 m

13.0 °C

The original Fine Offset WH1091 that was installed in December 2009 was replaced by a Fine Offset WH2081 in
December 2013 and relocated closer to the receiver in an attempt stop the erroneous spikes it was reporting.
This model has a solar battery charger for the transmitter so hopefully this will also help resolve the false spikes.

The webcam is a Microsoft True 720p HD Lifecam Cinema. The weatherproof housing is a CCD Professional Aluminium
external/internal camera housing, part nuber QC3330 from Jaycar Electronics.

The funnel over the rain gauge collects about three times the amount of rain which is calabrated by multiplying
the rainfall value by .32. This enables increments of .1mm instead of the standard .3mm.