TLF Flame


Release Notes
Help Preview

TLF Flame is an animated procedural flame shader for trueSpace 4.2 and above.

You can download a short .AVI animation which demonstrates the basic functionality of TLF Flame here. This was produced with V1.0 Beta 3 and uses the seamless loop capability introduced with that version. The animation is actually the same sequence three times over, joined up outside trueSpace, to better illustrate the seamless nature of the animations produced.

FlameLoop1.avi ( 494 kB )

And here is the link to the shader itself . Please note that this is still in development. The usual caveats apply - all care but no responsibility. ( 80 kB )

To help you on your way until the online help for the shader is completed here are some quick notes which includes information on what is new in Beta 7.

A preview of the online help is now available on this site. This is still in the process of being written, but the basic skeleton is there together with clickable images of the shader dialog interface.