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Welcome to the official web site of the Australian descendants of Joseph Clemens Franciscus Lenné and Elizabeth Lieberz. This site has been set up to assist in communication with all of the family members and to keep everyone up to date with the progress of the research project and the plans for the family reunion.


Family Details

Joseph was born in Poppelsdorf, Rhineland, Prussia on 5th January 1801. He was the first cousin of the famous Peter Joseph Lenné (Master Gardener to the Emperor's of Prussia). On 7th June 1825 he married Elisabeth Lieberz in Engers, Rhineland, Prussia. They had 14 children only 9 of whom survived infancy. Joseph died on the 12th March 1844 in Cologne, Prussia. Their children are listed below:


1. Joseph (1825-1891) 8. Johann (1835-1839)
2. Eduard Alexander (1826-1864) 9. Johanna Gertrude (1836-?)
3. Carl (1828-1910) 10. Maria Agnes (1838-1899)
4. Gustav Adolph (1829-1829) 11. Maria Josefa (1838-1838)
5. Anna Francisca (1830-1867) 12. Charlotta (1840-?)
6. Wilhelm (1832-1834) 13. Franz Josef (1841-1841)
7. Anton (1833-?) 14. Hubert (1843-1926)


Our Origins

The Australian branch of the family are all descended from the six members of the family (three brothers, two nephews and one niece) that migrated to Australia from the Rhineland between 1856 and 1909. They were as follows:


Carl was the first to arrive in February 1856. By July 1856 he was living in Castlemaine and developing his nursery business. He married Maryanne Stapleton in September 1859. They had six children: Daniel Joseph (1860), Agnes Josephine (1862), Charles Albert (1864), Edward Hubert (1865), Ernest Alfred (1867) and Gertrude Marian (1878). Ernest Alfred died in 1868 of pneumonia and Gertrude Marian died in 1881 of diptheria.

They lived in Castlemaine until 1878 and then relocated to Echuca where Carl developed a successful nursery, orchard and vineyard. He was very active in the promotion of horticulture and other civic improvement activities such as road building, agricultural shows, tree planting and public gardens. The family experienced a tragedy in 1886 when the only surviving daughter Agnes drowned in the Campaspe River. Carl died in Echuca in August 1910. He was working up to a few days before he died. At the time of his death only his sons Daniel and Charles survived him, Edward having died a few years earlier in 1906 of pneumonia.



Anton (Anthony) arrived in Australia in March 1858. He arrived on the Reinhard but as he is not listed on the passenger lists he must have sailed as crew. The Reinhard sailed from Bremen to New York and then to Melbourne. There is some evidence to suggest that he jumped ship when he arrived in Melbourne.

There is very little know about Anton at present. He was a witness at Carl's wedding in 1859 and at the time of his naturalisation in January 1861 he was working with Carl at the Mt Alexander Nursery where Carl was in partnership with Frederick Hirschi. He appears on the electroal role of 1861 but is never listed in the Post Office directories. In 1860 he applied to be a member of the Burke and Wills expedition. He was not successful but the two letters he wrote as application give us some details about his life until then. There is some evidence that he may have gone to live in America.



Hubert arrived in Australia in July 1867. He married his first wife Charlotte Downing in South Melbourne in 1869. They had two children Hubert Clemens (1874) and Edward George (1877). Hubert split up with his first wife and children and appeared to have lost touch with them. His second wife was Annie Maria Andrews and they had five children: Elizabeth (1899), Joseph Clement (1902), Anton (1904), William Anthony (1907) and Agnes Josephine (1912). Anton died as a baby.

Hubert tried many ventures in Australia but his most frequent and apparently most successful was as a publican. In South Melbourne he had the license of the Forester's Arms Hotel on the corner of Clarendon and Napier Street from 1874 to 1883. By December of 1883 he had the license of the original Pine Grove Hotel in Upper Beaconsfield. He ran this until February of 1894. Later in his life he worked as a Poulterer and as a Gardener. He seems to have worked hard most of his life. He died in Bendigo in May 1926.


Carl Joseph

Carl Joseph was the son of Joseph Lenné (1825-1891) and consequently the nephew of Carl, Anton and Hubert. He arrived in Australia in August 1887. He lived and worked with his Uncle Carl for a few years and met and married his wife Hannah Maria Spiers in Echuca in August 1889. They had nine children: Elizabeth Odelia (1890-1982), Annetta Josephine (1892-1969), Carl (1893-1894), Agnes Catherine (1894-1961), Frederick Joseph (1896-1973), Beatrix (1898-1987), Rosabelle Anne (1900-1953), Marguerita (1902-2000) and Ellen (1902-1902).

Carl is recognized as one of the early pioneers of fruit growing in Ardmona. He was an active member of the local community and he helped design the original parks and gardens in Mooroopna and Shepparton. He was one of the first growers to deliver fruit to the Ardmona Fruit Products Cooperative Ltd. when it opened in 1926. Carl's wife Hannah died in May 1936 and Carl died in July 1956 at the age of 92 years.


Anton Joseph

Anton Joseph was the brother of Carl Joseph and arrived in Australia in December 1890 on board the Kaiser Wilhelm II. He worked his passage to Australia as a deck hand. While he lived in Germany he was apprenticed as a butcher. He married Bertha Smith in April 1898 and they had three children: Hubert Anton (1900-1978), Eva Mary (1901-1981) and Olga Bertha (1911-?).

Like his brother Carl, Anton had a successful orchard business in the Ardmona area and was considered a pioneer of fruit growing in Ardmona. At one time he served as president of the Ardmona Fruitgrowers Association. In 1891 he purchased 10 acres of land and at the time of his death he controlled 450 acres. His property in Ardmona was called Sans Soucci, presumably after the famous Royal property in Potsdam, Germany. Anton died in September 1935 and his wife Bertha died in June 1963.




Agnes was the sister of Carl Joseph and Anton Joseph. She married Christian Nelson in Bingen on Rhine in Germany in 1890. Agnes and Christian had two children: Agnes (1894-1970) and Josef Christian (1896-1962). Agnes and Christian arrived in Australia in May 1909 on the Narrung with their two children.

They lived in the Ardmona area and initially worked in the orchard of Agnes's brother Anton. They saved their earnings and eventually purchased land in Ardmona and developed their own successful orchard. Agnes died in February 1926 and Christian died in August 1950.

Unfortunately I have been unable to locate a photo of Agnes although a photo exists of her husband Christian and her children Agnes and Josef.


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