The Journey To Better Health

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Genesis, is committed to providing quality fitness instruction, both in a class and private environment. Classes in Genesis are taken by a qualified fitness instructor, trained in Tai Chi and First Aid . We currently offer, Gentle Exercise, Dr Paul Lam's "Tai Chi for Arthritis", "Tai Chi for Diabetes" and Qigong.

We cater for individually designed exercise programmes and nutritional advice, specialising in relief of arthritis. programmes recognised by the Arthritis Foundation of NSW, as well as a diabetes program supported by the diabetes association of Australia.

This school has been put into place for you, our students. We will endeavour to make your journey to better health, as painless and enjoyable as possible.

Please feel free to consult me at any time for any advice on health and fitness matters.

Genesis Tai Chi is proudly affiliated with "Better Health Tai Chi" Dr Lam's school. We are a member of the NSW Arthritis Foundation and the Tai Chi Association of Australia.


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