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Testimonial Snapshot
Gary Carranza: "Your software is fabulous... We haven't been late on a bill since we have had this software."

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WinReminders Quick Facts
WinReminders remembers so you don't have to!
Ask yourself these questions to see whether you'd benefit from WinReminders:
  • Have you ever forgotten a birthday or been late on a bill payment?
  • Have you ever forgotten your or someone else's anniversary?
  • Have you ever had trouble remembering the important things due to your busy lifestyle?
  • Have you ever had trouble planning time with friends since you didn't know what else was on your plate?
  • Have you ever lost track of how many days are left until something specific or important happens?
  • Do you need a way to remind yourself or others (family, friends, co-workers) to do certain tasks or about certain events?
WinReminders will fix all these problems and more.
Designed for personal, family or small business use
WinReminders is designed to be the most effective when used personally, by a family or small business. The key requirements are regular access to a computer (at least several times a week), optionally internet access (for e-mail reminders and update checks) and optionally public space on your network (for sharing between multiple users).
Simple and easy to use
Most people will be able to just install WinReminders and immediately begin to use it. Some features such as data sharing, and e-mail reminders require just a few clicks to set up. Dialogs and forms are simple, clean and self-explanatory.
Safe and Secure
WinReminders keeps all your data under your control and on your local computer and/or network away from prying eyes and cyber-hackers. The automatic data archive feature ensures the safety of your data, and in the unlikely event of file corruption WinReminders' advanced file recovery algorithms will automatically and seamlessly recover from all but the most severe corruption, ensuring that you'll never need to worry about the integrity of your data.
Fully Documented
Even though you probably won't need it, WinReminders comes with full electronic help content (no internet access required) that fully describes the function of each feature, provides examples, and explains terminology. You won't be left wondering what a feature is or how to use it.
Totally Free!
WinReminders used to retail for $24.95 USD, however, since version 1.11.42 is now completely free. Download it now!

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