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Women in Sustainable Enterprises

Im afraid that we need you all to help think up another name for the group - there is already a WISE Group (Women in Science and Engineering) so if we can think of something similar but unique enough that would be great.

Thought we could post the suggestions here, and get people to vote on a new name at the Curry in July day onthe 1st of July.

I have been consulting the thesaurus...please help and email me: with your suggestions!! Some ideas (not all practical! Thought we'd put in some silly ones - see if you can guess which ones they are) that we have had so far include:

  • BWISE: Benevolent Women In Sustainable Enterprise
  • WISDEM: Women in Sustainable Development, Enterprise and Management
  • WISEUP: Women in Sustainable Enterprise.. um, United for Progress...
  • URWISE: Urban and Rural Women in Sustainable Enterprise
  • Keep the same name - its such a good one!
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