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Friday 25 May Camping at the Hills Forest Centre This is a camping for softies experience and there will be someone at the centre from about 5.00. You need to bring warm clothes, a tent, sleeping bag and some food. It will be the first of many camping opportunities - we'd like to maybe set up something on a regular basis. Anyone who is interested please call Sal on 0427 203 634. The costs are $8.80 for adults (over 16) and $6.60 for kiddies between 3 and 16. It should be fun. PLEASE CALL SAL BY THURSDAY MORNING TO LET HER KNOW IF YOU'RE GOING. Sally Bellanger
Saturday 9th June 1pm Yoga Julie Baker's husband John will be holding a yoga session. Julie will be emailing you all in the very near future to let you know all the details (just as soon as I send her the mailing list). This is a great opportunity for anyone who was wondering what this yoga thing was all about to give it a go. It is also a great opportunity to try a new kind of yoga for all those old hands out there. Julie Baker
Sunday 1st July, 1.30pm Curry in July Day Claire thought it would be nice to have an event where people could invite their friends and family so that we can get to meet people's partners and extend that network. This will also be an opportunity to dispel any fears the chaps might have about the group. So the event will be that everyone brings a curry or rice or accompaniments and we have a bit of a lunch. There isn't a venue as yet but if anyone is willing to host the event - you just provide a space and we can get everyone to bring whatever is needed. If anyone is interested in hosting please email me. PLEASE LET CLAIRE KNOW ASAP IF YOU WANT TO BE HOST.

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