Kiandra 1861, World's First Identifiable Snow Ski Club
The Original 1933 Balmain Cups.
Australia's Longest Running Skiing Competition.


“By 1933 team racing was open to virtually all competitors from any club or imported talents but Arthur Balmain of Cooma saw how unfair this was to local enthusiasts. He donated a perpetual trophy open only to competitors residing in or about the Southern Districts and only for members who held membership for twelve weeks in the local ski-Club. Arthur Balmain, whose company transported skiers to all localities envisaged a competition that would encompass all Clubs. He decreed that a team must compete for the Balmain Cup with all members competing in four disciplines, Downhill, Slalom, Jump and Langlauf. The first event was held at Kosciusko in 1933 and won by KPSC (1870)."
Ref. Walter A Reed, held at K.P.S.C. records. *

The original and second cups are still held by the Kiandra Ski Club.

The original 1933 cup was almost destroyed in the 1937 Alpine Hotel fire. (The Alpine Hotel was the club house). The battered and burned cup today is dull and tarnished with not the slightest sign of silvering on the body of the cup. The cup was engraved with only the year 1933, the handles are missing and the soldered surface, at the point where the handles were attached, appear to have melted and not broken.
It is believed that separate individual trophies were presented to the winners in 1935, 1937 and 1940.
The Kiandra Club re-introduced the competition for the 1946 season when the event format and competitors eligibility were changed, Kiandra won the event and was rewarded with the second Balmain Cup.

Letter dated 10th March 1961, K.P.S.C. records. Walter A Reed *
"For several years during the war this competition was almost forgotten. Jimmy Pattinson** as captain and myself as organiser revived it and Kiandra won this trophy four times in succession. Although it was a perpetual trophy and could not be won outright, I managed to persuade Bruce Balmain to dedicate this famous cup to Kiandra for life".

Kiandra hosted and won the event in 1951 and 1958 but did not retain the third perpetual cup.

* Walter A Reed.
Former Ski instructor.
Owner operator, 30 bed Kiandra Chalet opened 1941.( The old Court-House )
Operated a ski lift at Kiandra 1941. Horses walked up & down the level road drawing a cable around pulleys bottom & top of the hill, carried four skiers.
A motor cycle engine replaced the horses.
Convenor / organiser, Balmain Cup Competition 1946 – 1949. Organised by Cooma & Monaro Clubs 1933 - 1940.
Owner-operator, Rushcutters Bay Indoor Ski Centre, 1941. Promoted 6 days learning here = 6 weeks on snow. (artificial snow slope)
Reg. owner, Avro Anson Ski-Flyer VF-BFN. Eight skiers, two crew. 1947/8. ( Leased to KPSC. )
Director, Kiandra Ski Club.

Balmain Cup Results - Kiandra Years