Perisher Valley - Home to the world's oldest ski club

After 105 years the club moved from Kiandra to Perisher Valley.


President's Letter to "Kiandra Pioneer Ski Club" members. August 1966,

"As from the 26th August 1966 we are the proud owners of a new Lodge". The building consists of two four-bunk rooms, a living room with an attractive open fire place opening onto a sun balcony, a well equipped kitchen with a double stainless steel sink, a small drying room, and one bathroom containing all facilities. The lodge is on a site on the Eiger, Corroboree side road, sheltered from the prevailing winter blizzards and winds, and very handy to the Man From Snowy River and the Valley Inn hotels, and of course the Ski School and Tows. Next-door neighbours are the S.C.C. Lodge, "Snowgums" and on the other side "Tamboroora". Located above the old Charlotte Pass bullock track, which cross-country skiers still use today as their counterparts did nearly a century ago, is a magnificent view over Rock Creek and up to the valley to the "Porcupines". The view across to Pipers Gap, takes in the village centre and the "Man From Snowy River Hotel". The scene from the front of the lodge is spectacular, in displaying the lifts carrying colourful snow lovers to the top of the mountain, hopefully for a day's fun.


In 1931 Dr. Herbert H. Schlink, M.B., Ch.M., F.R.G.S. Vice President NSWSA wrote in the “Canadian Ski Year Book” of a ski club trophy dated 1874 awarded for an under 10 year old boy’s downhill event. The trophy had been presented to the NSW SKI Association in 1928 and believed to be the first documented child’s skiing trophy. (The trophy is still in the hands of relatives in NSW).