Supporting Characters

Tawny the Talking Tiger: Tawny is a man-sized, bipedal tiger who is Cap's friend. In the early pre-Crisis era, it seemed to make sense that a talking tiger should be part of the SHAZAM universe. In the Power of SHAZAM graphic novel, Tawny was reduced to the status of an inanimate children's toy, but became animate during the 1990's monthly comic as a spirit originally working for Blaze but eventually befriending uncle Dudley and remaining corporeal, courtesy of Ibis. Needless to say, normal humans in the post-Zero Hour universe are much less accepting of a tiger in their midst than their pre-Crisis counterparts were.

Sunny Sparkle: "The nicest kid in the whole wide world". Sunny is a young boy who everyone just likes. Unfortunately, I don't have much more information than that on Sunny, although I do remember one SHAZAM comic from the early 70's, where a villain stole Sunny's niceness for his own evil ends.

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