Current Version:
0.80 (beta 2)
released 22 Dec 1999

Version History

Version 0.80 (beta 2) released 22 Dec 1999
Version 0.70 (beta 1) released 11 Dec 1999
Version 0.07 (alpha 1) released 24 Nov 1999
Version 0.80 (beta 2)
released 22 Dec 1999
New Features
Choose your own colours for the text, background and extra information (e.g. ASCII values and plain text characters) when viewing fonts.
Set up standard text samples and quickly switch between them using drop-down lists (you can still type your own ad-hoc text samples too, of course).
Rename font files to avoid file name conflicts.
Load (and unload) fonts for temporary use.
Set the size of the font used for font notes.
The main menu and context (right-click) menus have been changed back to standard behaviour, since the nifty menu components I was using caused problems with other windows (such as the Properties dialog and Help Contents page) coming up behind The Font Thing's main window. The most obvious result is that the main menu isn't dockable/floatable any more (although the tool bar and filter bar still are); the images next to the menu items also behave a bit differently. On the positive side, however, the program is quite a lot smaller! I'll reinstate the main menu docking/floating behaviour when a suitable version of the menu component is available.
Added the Add to Collection and Copy to Folder commands to the File menu (they were previously only available on the font list context menu).
Added a None function to the filter area, to make it faster to clear filters.
Clicking on a font sample in the Multiple view now selects that font in the adjacent font list (you can hold Ctrl down while you click to select multiple fonts in this manner).
Bug Fixes
Fix occasional access violation errors when browsing folders with the Multiple page active.
Add further checks for Registry problems which could cause the previous version to fail on startup with an error message similar to the following:
Error reading InstalledFontList.Mode: Invalid data type for 'SerialNumber'
When showing text labels on the tool bars, ensure the buttons are wide enough to fit the longest visible text label (e.g. in Large Fonts mode).
Correct the position of the character zoom popup relative to the active font window.
Version 0.70 (beta 1)
released 11 Dec 1999
New Features
Added a multiple font sample page, which shows sample text in many fonts at once.
Filtering by font type, where you can restrict the fonts shown to serif, sans serif, monospaced, script, decorative, pictorial, other, or any combination of these.
Bug Fixes
When renaming a font collection, prevent the Del key from triggering the Delete Font Collection action.
Fix a problem where a font's Macintosh name was sometimes being picked up instead of its Windows font name, preventing it from being shown on the screen properly.
Stop the main window size shrinking by 1 pixel in height and width when its size is saved on program shutdown.
Correct the position of the Create New Collection popup relative to the active font window.
Version 0.07 (alpha 1)
released 24 Nov 1999
The first semi-public-consumption test version. All features initially planned are implemented (although some enhancements are in the pipeline).