I suppose I can't publish a font management program without giving you some font links too!  :-)


Font Software
Font Archives
Font Creators
Information on Fonts and Typography
Font Software
Font Properties Extension Microsoft This free shell extension from Microsoft adds extra tabs to the Properties dialog for font files, including names, license, description, version, embedding, and hinting/font smoothing.
Arjan Mels' Font Viewer Arjan Mels A nifty program that displays a massive amount of information about your fonts, including the full Unicode character set. Freeware for personal use, registration required (takes place during program installation).
Font Creator Program High-Logic An affordable shareware program that puts font creation within the grasp of the average PC user.
n/a Michael's Dilemma This site has reviews, screen dumps and other information about a wide range of font utilities, including managers, viewers, converters and creators.
Font Archives
Font Garden Freeware and shareware fonts -- including fonts of the day -- demonstrated using a rather amazing collection of quotations.
Type Euphoria Nice, fast site where you can browse fonts by category and author as well as the usual alphabetical method.
Font Depot A good collection of PC and Macintosh fonts (including quite a few unusual fonts) that can be downloaded individually or in packs. The entry page takes a bit of getting used to, but the rest of the site is good.
Font Freak A very large archive of freeware and shareware fonts for the PC and Macintosh.
Font Frame A large font archive with daily free fonts and features such as interviews with popular freeware font designers.
Acid Fonts A large collection of free fonts for the PC and Macintosh. Main navigation is alphabetically by font name, but there are a few font categories and various other resources.
Fontasy.de A large (1300+) archive of free fonts arranged alphabetically. The site is in German, but you don't really need to be able to read it to use it.
1FONTS Another large (900+) collection of free fonts with alphabetical navigation, a separate page for new fonts, and miscellaneous font-related information.
The Fonts Zone Windows TrueType fonts grouped into broad categories, with alphabetical navigation within each category. The entire collection is also available for bulk download in two large (~2.5 MB) packs.
Fonts & Things Freeware and shareware PC fonts browsable by name, category and author. Monthly featured fonts build up their halls of fame, and the site also features themed font lists, and a font discussion forum.
The Fontpool A large (1000+) archive of TrueType fonts browsable by category or in alphabetical order. You can also search an extensive commercial font database at this site.
1001 Free Fonts Fonts grouped alphabetically with separate sections for new fonts and various other resources and information.
MediaBuilder FreeFont Library A reasonable collection of free fonts grouped into categories for easy browsing.
Kemosabe's Font Source A large collection of freeware and shareware fonts, mostly PC but some Macintosh.
TopFont.com A collection of free fonts ranked according to the number of downloads each gets.
fontastic! Font collection featuring a font of the week, the web owner's top 20 favourite fonts, and categories such as dingbats, futuristic, and graffiti.
Free Typewriter Fonts The name says it all. 75 of 'em, apparently.
Fantasy & Medieval Fonts A categorised collection of decorative fonts at Flat Earth Games, a site with other fantasy and gaming resources.
Font Creators
More to be added soon!

Freeware Fonts

The fonts on these sites are free for non-commercial use. Treatment of other situations such as commercial use or distribution varies, so check the details on each site.

Larabie Fonts
Robotic Attack Fonts
ShyFonts Type Foundry
Nick's Fonts
Divide by Zero
GreyWolf WebWorks
Font-a-licious Fonts
Font Emporium
Mr. Fisk
Shrine of Isis
Spork Thug Typography
Iconian Fonts
Sassy Graphics
@NK Fonts and Photoshop
Uddi Uddi
Jeff's Fonts & Dingbats
Fish Dicks
Listemagerens fonte  (postcardware)
Flotsam Typography
dustBUST Fonts
solar*sister fonts
Gray Graphics
Dave Bastian
screaming fonts
Treasure Type

Mixed Freeware, Shareware, and Commercial Fonts

Anthem Type
Arrf Designs
Astigmatic One Eye Foundry
Blue Vinyl Fonts
Büro destruct
Cool Fonts
Disturbed Type
Emerald City Fontwerks
Font Diner
Fontage Canada
Fonthead Design
Fuelfonts Type Foundry
Gab's Graphics
Grilledcheese Fonts
Match Fonts
Patricia Lillie
Phil's Fonts
The Scriptorium
Toxic Type
Utopia Fonts

Major Commercial Foundries

Agfa Monotype Corporation

Information on Fonts and Typography
Microsoft Typography Heaps of useful information about TrueType and OpenType including file format specifications. Free font utilities, Microsoft's web core fonts, developer tools and more.
Frequently Asked Questions About Fonts The comp.fonts FAQ. Hasn't been maintained for a few years, but still has lots of useful information.
Typefaces that work together Background information on font combinations, lots of suggestions, and a tool called EsperFonto for helping you choose typefaces for different types of jobs. There's lots of other good stuff on this site too.
WebFonts.com Articles about fonts and font technology in relation to the world wide web.
Fonts in Cyberspace A guide to finding language fonts on the Internet, covering several platforms and over 100 languages.
Type & Typography A page of annotated links to a wide range of information sources.