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What's New

26 January 2000
Added a page with a few experimental link images for this site.
Various additions to the Font Links page.
Moved the older news to an archive area.
21 January 2000
Reworked the Font Links page. It now has sections for different kinds of font links, and many more links than the old page. More will be added when I get around to it!
Removed the "New" markers from The Font Thing topics that are a month or more old.
18 January 2000
Updated the Frequently Asked Questions and Known Issues pages.
15 January 2000
Updated the Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Me pages.
9 January 2000
A bit more site tinkering and restructuring, mostly just putting the different Links sections onto separate pages, but I've also added a page of software libraries.
6 January 2000
Restructured some of the site navigation to better cater for small (i.e. less than 800x600) browsing windows and large text sizes. The top level navigation bar for The Font Thing now has a Support item, which displays an additional navigation bar for moving between the FAQ, Version History, Known Issues and Mailing List sections. Most of these used to be on the top level navigation bar.
Added extra download sites for The Font Thing, and updated the Known Issues section.
Minor tinkering with various other pages.
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