What's Old November & December 1999

31 December 1999
Minor update to the Frequently Asked Questions page.
28 December 1999
Added a Frequently Asked Questions section to the pages about The Font Thing.
22 December 1999
Released version 0.80 (beta 2) of The Font Thing.
This version lets you choose your own colours for viewing fonts, store and quickly switch between standard text samples, rename font files, load fonts temporarily, and change the size of the font used for font notes. It also fixes a few minor bugs from the previous (beta 1) release and recovers cleanly from Registry corruptions.
Minor change to the Fonts section of the Links page, replacing a closed site with another font site I like.
20 December 1999
Updated the information on known issues with The Font Thing.
18 December 1999
"Decorated" the web site for Christmas...
11 December 1999
Released version 0.70 (beta 1) of The Font Thing.
This version adds a multiple font sample page and filtering by font type, and fixes a few minor bugs in the previous version.
Added a mailing list for news about The Font Thing.
Added a Programming section to the Links page (all Delphi-related at the moment), plus a few other links.
24 November 1999
Redesigned the web site!
Released the first semi-public-consumption test version of The Font Thing.
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