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Kenneth Copeland: (In a conversation with God regarding Christ's Atoning Sacrifice upon the Cross of Calvary) "Well, now you don't mean, you couldn't dare mean that I [Kenneth Copeland] could have done the same thing?" He [God] said, "Oh, yeah, if you'd known and had the same knowledge of the Word of God that He [Jesus] did, you could have done the same thing [i.e., redeemed mankind], coz you are a reborn man, too."


[ Response to Letter From KCM ] (Added 29/06/2002)  Read the response by David McAllister of "The Berean Beacon" to Kenneth Copeland Ministry's incredible dishonesty and lack of accountability when challenged about Copeland's outlandish heresies.  If these people find it necessary to resort to duplicity and deceit in their attempts to twist the meanings of their original statements, then surely it stands to reason that they are aware that what they teach is departure from biblical truth?


[ The Teachings of Kenneth Copeland ] - Linked Article - (Added 24/05/2001) "What's Wrong With the Faith Movement, Part Two: The Teachings of Kenneth Copeland" by Hendrik H. Hanegraaff and Erwin M. de Castro from the Christian Research Journal, Spring 1993, page 16.


[ The Deadly Doctrines Of Kenneth Copeland ] - Linked Article - A number of articles exposing the false doctrines of Kenneth Copeland.



Crefflo Dollar: "God is coming back for a church without spot or blemish so he is not coming back to a church in debt this revival must take place before Jesus can come back He cannot come back for a broke church, he cannot come back for a sick church, he cannot come back for a church that is in debt that would be against his word. I'm coming back for a glorious church, without spot or wrinkle, so that means there's going to be some quick transference going on."


[ Deception in the Church Website ] - Linked Page - A number of articles exposing the false teachings and ungodly associations of Creflo Dollar.  Dollar is firmly within the 'Word of Faith' Camp preaching and teaching many of the same false doctrines that leading 'Word of Faith' guru Kenneth Copeland promotes. Birds of a Feather...! 

Kenneth Hagin: What do you need? Start creating it. Start speaking it into being. Say, "you, cheque book, you've never been so prosperous since I owned you ... you're just crammed full of money." (Claim Your Miracles tape No. 186 side 2)


[ How Kenneth Hagin Plagiarised E.W. Kenyon ] - Linked Article - (Added 02/09/2002) Not only has Mr. Hagin uttered many false prophetic words over the years, he has also stolen the intellectual property from other religious writers.  He denies plagiarising the works of E.W. Kenyon, including the "Jesus Died Spiritually" heresy, but what does the evidence prove?


[ The "Jesus Died Spiritually" Heresy ] - Linked Article - (Added 02/09/2002) Major, internationally known Word of Faith teachers promote the doctrine that Jesus Christ, God the Son became a sinner, died spiritually and needed to be born-again as a common sinful man.  As well, they teach that the atoning work of Christ was completed in hell.


[ The Counterfeit Dreams and Visions of "Prophet" Kenneth Hagin ] - Linked Article - (Added 24/05/2001) Kenneth E. Hagin is the acknowledged "father" of the modern Word of Faith Movement and is viewed by charismatic Christians globally as a true prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ. Kenneth Hagin has been active in ministry since the late 1930's and worked around the fringes of the Pentecostal healing revival of the 1940's through late 1950's.


[ Atonement Where? ] - Linked Article - (Added 02/09/2002)  This (four part) biblical analysis, written by Moreno Dal Bello, looks at the disturbing claims put forward by the Word of Faith Movement, which include the inefficiency of Christ's blood, alone, to atone for the sins of man; the need for Christ's spiritual death, and that the redemption of mankind was completed in hell!


Marilyn Hickey: What do you need? Start creating it. Start speaking it into being. Say, "you, cheque book, you've never been so prosperous since I owned you ... you're just crammed full of money." (Claim Your Miracles tape No. 186 side 2)


[ Marilyn Hickey: Fairy Godmother of the Word-faith Movement? ] - Linked Article - (Added 24/05/2001) Why have some questioned the teachings of one of the most popular charismatic Bible teachers in the world? Why is she controversial? In this special report the Christian Sentinel focuses on her Word-faith teachings and her fund raising techniques.


[ Marilyn Hickey's Whopper ] - Linked Article - (Added 24/05/2001) A page from Marilyn Hickey's latest "Bulldog" gimmick.


[ The Gimmicks of Marilyn Hickey ] - Linked Article - (Added 24/05/2001) More fund raising gimmicks from Marilyn Hickey.


Benny Hinn: "Adam was a super-being when God created him. I don't know whether people know this, but he was the first superman that really ever lived. First of all, the Scriptures declare clearly that he had dominion over the fowls of the air, the fish of the sea - which means he used to fly. Of course, how can he have dominion over the birds and not be able to do what they do?" ("Praise the Lord" program - TBN. 26 December 1991.)


[ Benny Hinn Solicits Funds In Qld., Australia ] (Added 18/12/99) Benny Hinn, American faith healer and beggar extraordinaire, honoured Queensland, in 1998, by choosing to set up his Australian headquarters in the Sunshine State. For this coveted honour it is only fitting that his followers who live in this most fortunate part of Australia should chip in and help to finance his new World Healing Centre to be built in Dallas, Texas - wouldn't you think? This article contains my comments, the text of an article that appeared in The Sunday Mail (Brisbane, Australia) and the text of a British version of Benny's appeal.


Brian Houston: "There is a need in the Church today for gifted followers. It involves taking risks and trusting leadership. Followers have to follow the lead. Further you have to be able to change direction, often quickly. As the leader turns a corner, you have to have the capacity to go with the flow, wherever it may take you. People are far too quick to turn away from those who have been their spiritual leaders. Followers shouldn't! We should honour and respect them. People who don't are insecure. Never think that it was a coincidence that God gave you the leader you have."


[ Houstons... We Have A Problem ] (Added 23/09/00) Part of CWM's "Unmasked..." series which appears in their Vanguard Magazine. Used by Permission. This article, written by Neil Richardson, appeared in the August 2000 issue of Christian Witness Ministries' Vanguard Magazine. It is an excellent Biblical critique of the book, "You Need More Money", written by Brian Houston, current General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Australia and senior pastor of AOG Hills Christian Life Centre, home of fantastically popular Hillsong Music. Houston's indoctrination by Word of Faith and Dominion Theology are clearly revealed in his own writings. His beliefs have been appropriately exposed by Neil Richardson's article.




T.B. Joshua


[ Clueless In Nigeria ] - Linked Article - (Added 02/07/2002)  By Mike Oppenheimer of the Let Us Reason website, who writes, "There is someone new ARISING on the continent of Africa that is similar to the likes of William Branham in America over 50 years ago.  The Synagogue Church Of All Nations has about 100,000 members. T.B. Joshua (TB stands for Tenitope Bolegun) the founder is called a prophet and a healer. He is 38 years old, married and has children. He began his synagogue 10 years ago with only a handful of people and he now has the attention of many people because of the powers he exhibits."  Read this insightful critique of Joshua's "ministry".


[ To Deceive Even The Elect ... ] - Linked Article - (Added 02/07/2002) An expose' on T.B. Joshua of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations, by Sandy Simpson of the Deception In The Church website.  Sandy writes, "It's imperative to test the spirits, judge and compare the doctrinal teachings and beliefs presented by T.B. Joshua with the Word of God.  On that basis alone you will discover that this man is teaching heresy -- laying error alongside truth.  Christians should avoid any man who is using occult techniques in the name of Jesus Christ.

Essek W. Kenyon:

[ E. W. Kenyon and the Twelve Apostles of Another Gospel ] - Linked Article - (Added 24/05/2001) "What's Wrong With the Faith Movement Part One: E. W. Kenyon and the Twelve Apostles of Another Gospel" by Hendrik H. Hanegraaff from the Christian Research Journal, Winter 1993, page 16.

Joyce Meyer: "Hasn't this been the wildest meeting? Well, Jesus, go to Acts, chapter one. Man, this may really get wild now. Oh, oh, drinks are being served!" ("Go To The Upper Room And Wait - 6" audiotape.)


[ From Fenton to Fortune in the Name of God ] - Linked Article - (Added 12/07/2004)  Carolyn Tuft and Bill Smith of the St Louis Post-Dispatch write, "Joyce Meyer says God has made her rich. Everything she has came from Him: the $10 million corporate jet, her husband's $107,000 silver-gray Mercedes sedan, her $2 million home and houses worth another $2 million for her four children - all blessings, she says, straight from the hand of God...Meyer is fond of nice things and is willing to spend for them. From an $11,000 French clock in the ministry's Fenton headquarters to a $105,000 Crownline boat docked behind her vacation home at Lake of the Ozarks, it's clear her tastes run more to Perrier than to tap water."


[ A Critical Look at Joyce Meyer's Book ] - Linked Article - (Added 24/05/2001) A critical look at Joyce Meyer's book, "The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make - A Complete and Thorough Understanding of What it Means to be Born Again", written by Paul Belli.


[ Joyce Meyer Joins the "Fraud Squad" ] - Linked Article - (Added 24/05/2001) Joyce Meyer is now Doctor Joyce Meyer! How did she achieve this highest level of academic standing? Simple. Mr Oral Roberts bestowed this honorary degree upon her most august head.

Miscellaneous Articles:


[ Did God Forget Something? ] (Added 28/12/99) The Case of the Missing Symbol. Word of Faith teachers such as Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyers, et al, teach that Christ's work of Redemption was unfinished upon the Cross of Calvary and that it was necessary for Him to die spiritually as well as physically, suffering unspeakable torture, at the hands of Satan and his demons, for three days and three nights, after which, his spirit was re-born and He became the first 'born-again' man. These Word of Faith heretics say that we were redeemed by a 'born-again' MAN, not upon the Cross through the death of His body, but also by the death of His Spirit, IN HELL. Through the symbols used in the Lord's Supper, or Communion, God revealed to me the serious error of this teaching.


[ The Tie That Binds ] (Added 07/08/99) Cautionary Remarks on the Ecumenical Tendencies of the Assemblies of God - written by Matthew Shaw. Matthew wrote the article to warn as many people as possible about the impending dangers of a superficial union that has no regard for Bible teachings and doctrine. Used by permission.


[ The Reproach of the Solemn Assembly ] (Link Added 12/03/00) The text of the message preached by David Wilkerson of Times Square Church, New York, clearly giving warning regarding teachings and activities of a number of highly popular Word of Faith teachers. The actual audio recording of this message is available for down loading or for listening on-line at "Christian Witness Ministries" Web Site.


[ Jumping On The Bandwagon ] (Added 04/09/00) "Australian Christian Churches" - Have They Been Seduced By The Beat Of A Different Drummer? The launching of Australian Christian Churches has been hailed in both secular and Christian press as an enormous success in bringing together a number of independent Christian bodies for the purpose of "making a real difference in the community" and "offering a dynamic spiritual dimension missing from many people's lives." After comparing with Scripture all that has been said and done by ACC, I believe the Pentecostal and Charismatic leaders of this new alliance have simply jumped on the Bandwagon to join in playing a selection of Latter Rain, Kingdom Now tunes. Unfortunately, the procession following this wonderfully decorated and colourful Bandwagon continues to attract numbers at a phenomenal rate.





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