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[ Charismatic Cultism ] (Added 28/08/2001) This article by Kevin Reeves in Alaska, is an analysis of what happens when you stand up for Biblical Truth in apostate churches. Kevin, who writes from a Pentecostal perspective, comments, "Discerning believers are rightly alarmed by the many dramatic departures from orthodox Christianity, heretical doctrines that have come from within the Church itself. And far too often, efforts on the part of these concerned Christians have been met with stonewalling, resistance, or outright condemnation from the shepherds that are supposed to be guarding the flock."

[ The Laughing Phenomena - Its History and Possible Effects on the Church ] - Linked Article - (Added 23/05/01) Written by Ed Tarkowski. An historical study on the Toronto Blessing, its roots (Latter Rain heresies) and its fruits (Kingdom Now/Manifest Sons of God beliefs).


[ Deceiving the Elect ] - Linked Article - (Added 23/05/01) This article, written by Dr. Eddy Cheong of Malaysia, is a scriptural and critical analysis of the Laughter (Toronto Blessing) Movement.


[ AOG Church Resigns! ] - Linked Article - (Added 12/03/00) The letter written in May 22, 1998, by Pastor Kerry Angilley of Genesis Family Church (Loganholme, Queensland, Australia) who, along with his elders and the members of the congregation, resigned from the AOG in Australia in protest at the false teaching and questionable practices being promoted by the denomination's leadership, both nationally and internationally.


[ Drunkenness In The Spirit ] (Added 28/12/99) Should we "have another drink"? Or should we "be sober and vigilant"? Because of the influence of the "Toronto Blessing" movement and the excesses that were taking place I studied afresh the Scriptures that have been used to support drunkenness in the spirit and I came to the conclusion that, over a number of years, we, in the Pentecostal and Charismatic streams, have been led astray by the subtlety of wrong doctrine which, by stealth, has evolved into a mature delusion, the very thing that the Bible so clearly and persistently claims will take place in the 'last-days' church. The development of this prophesied deception has proceeded in such a way that even the very elect are in danger of succumbing to its seduction.


[ Accused of "Criticism of Leaders" - A letter From A Pastor's Wife ] (Added 07/08/99) This is a letter that I received from the wife of one of my former AOG pastors. The letter was written to me in response to an article that I wrote which denounced the ministry of Rodney Howard-Browne and the teachings of the Word of Faith movement.


[ A Disease In The Flock ] (Added 31/07/99) This page is dedicated to Rev. Jim De Busch, a brother in the Lord who is not afraid to stand up and wave his flag for the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ and the truth of the Gospel. Like the rest of us who have been called of the Lord as Watchmen, Jim has had his fair share of abuse and criticism, but that does not deter him from the path. This Web Page is evidence of his game stand in carrying out what God has called him to do.


[ Have Another Drink - Never A Sober Moment - Conference Report ] The mighty river of revival is flowing we are told. We are even threatened with death for resisting and not jumping in. See for yourself what happens when you abandon all soberness and vigilance and leap into the muddy waters of Toronto/Pensacola.



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