Ripped and torn to shreds in the House of our God

Find out what happens when you refuse to jump into the "river of revival"

On Friday, 26th June, 1998, after two years of attempting to approach Chris Brock, the Senior Pastor of AOG - Cairns Christian Centre, in a brotherly and Biblical manner, with my concerns regarding the gradual introduction of false teaching into the assembly, I was summoned to appear before him and the Board and told, after a one and a half hour discussion, that I was to leave and not return to the church that I had spent years helping to build (physically and financially), as I was unwelcome. My crime was that I was unwilling to obey the Pastor's request that I should do nothing about my fears of false doctrine being introduced and fed to my unsuspecting brothers and sisters in Christ.

In two years of requesting that the Pastor bring my concerns to the attention of the board and elders of Cairns Christian Centre for Scriptural appraisal, most of these leaders of the church were never informed and the opportunity to openly discuss the issues in a Biblical manner with them was denied me. The members of the congregation were also 'kept in the dark' about the issues that I was addressing. The Pastor's concern, so he said, was that my questions would cause division within the body.

Although he denied to me that he supported these teachings and practices, it has now become clearly evident that this man came as Pastor to Cairns Christian Centre, nearly three years ago, with a clear and determined agenda to introduce and promote, into the assembly, 'Word of Faith', 'Toronto/Pensacola' and 'Kingdom Now' teachings, the very false teachings that God was calling me to expose.

As a result of reaching out to my friends, my brothers and sisters in Christ, in Godly fear of their eternal destiny, I was considered to be a hindering influence, frustrating the attempts of the Pastor and his inner circle to motivate the people of the congregation into all out abandonment and acceptance of Pensacola type manifestations. Consequently, along with another brother who was beginning to ask the same embarrassing questions about the Pastor's support of non-Scriptural practices and beliefs, we were duly disfellowshipped.

This site contains (among other things) the text of the message by Chris Brock to the congregation of Cairns Christian Centre on the Sunday morning following our dismissal (28/06/98), my ensuing letter of response to the Pastor's message, and a letter from Philip Powell to the leadership of Cairns Christian Centre in response to his being castigated and reviled as evil, along with myself, from the pulpit by Chris Brock.

My original letter, written to Chris Brock on the 14th. of October, 1996, has also been made available on this site so that genuine seekers of truth will readily recognize that my contention has never been about personalities but about doctrine and the God-given fear that has been imparted to me concerning the spiritual well-being of my brothers and sisters in Christ. A second letter, written on the 21st. of June, 1997, which was totally ignored by Chris Brock, showing that the focus of my concern was still doctrinal and the spiritual well-being of my friends, has also been made available.

The First Letter Of Concern To Chris Brock - Written on the 14th of October, 1996, to Chris Brock in response to his preaching very strongly in condemnation of anyone speaking against the 'Toronto Blessing' movement.

A Letter To The AOG Executive - This is a letter that I wrote in liaison with other concerned members of the Cairns Christian Centre, AOG Church. It was written in near desperation, to Colin Lowder, Administrative Secretary of the Australian Assemblies of God after more than half a year of frustratingly being shackled, gagged and fobbed off by the local pastor, Chris Brock, who continually ignored my requests for brotherly dialogue. A reply from Keith Ainge, National General Secretary of the Australian AOG is included at the end, as well as my personal comments.

The Second Letter Of Concern To Chris Brock - Written on the 21st of June, 1997, offering Chris Brock materials that would confirm my cause for alarm regarding promoters of 'Word of Faith' teachings and the 'Toronto Blessing' movement.

Jump Into The River Or Die - Prophecy of death uttered in the name of Jesus, in the first person, by a member of the Board of Cairns Christian Centre, in the Sunday morning service on the 29th of March, 1998. Fear tactics to intimidate the timid.

Letter Written In Response To Death 'Prophecy' - Due to the 'prophecy' of death being directed at myself and other concerned Christians from the pulpit of Cairns Christian Centre it was necessary for me to write the following letter of protest to the Pastor urging prompt and decisive action.

Ripped And Torn To Shreds In The House Of Our God - The text of the 'message' by Chris Brock, senior pastor of AOG Cairns Christian Centre in the Sunday morning service following the disfellowshipping of Hughie Seaborn and Bob Adamson.

My Letter Of Response To Chris Brock Regarding His Message - Due to the inconsistencies and dishonesties preached about me from the pulpit of Cairns Christian Centre, I wrote this letter of response. It also includes the text of my E-mail to Philip Powell of Christian Witness Ministries, New Zealand, advising of his name being reviled along with mine from the pulpit.

Letter To Board Members Of Cairns Christian Centre - (Added to the Site - 14/11/99) This single paged letter was sent to each board member as an attachment to the above "Letter of Response". It was not originally posted on the Web site because I believed it to be of little significance. However, it now (Nov. '99) becomes vitally important due to the insistence of one of the board members (an assistant pastor) that he is unaware of the false teachings that people like myself are attempting to expose. Nearly eighteen months after my speaking personally to these 'leaders' and explicitly pointing out certain erroneous teachings that were being propagated in our assembly, this pastor, in an E-mail exchange with a colleague, claims ignorance in these matters. The content of the letter makes it plain that an offer was made to present evidence to these men which would validate my claims of false teachers and their teachings being introduced to the assembly.

Letter By Philip Powell To Cairns AOG - Letter of response to AOG pastors and leaders pointing out Chris Brock's hypocrisy in his dealing with my disfellowshipping and castigating our names from the pulpit before the members of Cairns Christian Centre

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