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Over the years I have observed an alarming trend taking place among the various suppliers of spiritual material to the Christian public. This trend, by my observation, began as a small trickle which increased in volume with the passing of time until we arrived at the seriously depraved situation that prevails in our present day, which only the deceived and wilfully blind could dare to deny exists.

This appalling trend that I have noticed pertains to the types of materials that are being offered to professing Christians, of varying beliefs, by Christian bookshops.  My attempts to encourage bookshop staff to be responsible about the types of literature they sell to Christians has been met with indifference and self-justification. 

This page is provided for the purpose of warning unsuspecting Christians about so-called Christian bookshops and the erroneous and dangerous literature they provide.






[ "Christian" Bookshops ] (Added 24/10/2001) Spurgeon said, "…around us there are influences at work which are directly antagonistic to Christianity, and…anyone may see them who chooses to do so. The babyish game of shutting your eyes, and then crying, "I cannot see you," has been played at long enough: it is time that the most prejudiced should acknowledge that which everybody sees except themselves." The promotion and propagation of false teachers and their wares by "Christian" bookshops has been played at long enough, with disastrous results. It is time that the most prejudiced among us should acknowledge this fact and sound an alarm.


[ Bookshop Employee "Let Go" ] (Added 30/03/02)  A Collection of e-mails that passed between a Christian bookshop employee and his employer, when discovering that their shop was playing the hypocrite by purchasing Bibles from a company that also distributes the Satanic Bible.  Because of his discernment and his willingness to stand for truth and integrity (qualities that are noticeably lacking in a growing number of Christian bookshop owners and managers), he was "let go" from his employment.




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[ Tolkien And Lord Of The Rings ] - Linked Article - (Added 09/02/2002) An article by David Cloud of the Way of Life website. "Is Lord of the Rings harmless fantasy or perhaps even a wholesome Christian allegory?" Not according to David Cloud it isn't, and not according to me either. Tolkien was a practicing Roman Catholic for his entire adult life and is credited with introducing C.S. Lewis to the confused version of "Christianity" he followed. Why do professing fundamentalists and separatists take the risk of being contaminated with the leaven of these two extremely popular, though deceived writers?

[ C.S. Lewis Acceptable to Mormons ] - Linked Article - (Added 25/05/2001) An article by David Cloud of the Way of Life website. In April 1998 Mormon professor Robert Millet spoke at Wheaton College on the topic of C.S. Lewis. In the latest issue of Christianity Today Millet, dean of Brigham Young University, is quoted as saying that C.S. Lewis "is so well received by Latter-day Saints [Mormons] because of his broad and inclusive vision of Christianity"

[ C.S. Lewis and Evangelicals Today ] - Linked Article - (Added 24/05/2001) Was C.S. Lewis a strong Bible believer? By no means. Read this article by David Cloud, and the ones following, to form your own conclusions about this highly acclaimed "Christian Apologist". Why is this man so popular, even among those who have been raised up in these Last-Days as Discernment Ministries? Beats me!

[ C.S. Lewis - General Teachings and Activities ] - Linked Article - (Added 24/05/2001) An investigative study into the teachings and activities of C.S. Lewis.

[ C.S. Lewis ] - Linked Article - (Added 24/05/2001) An article to answer frequently asked questions about C.S. Lewis.

[ Houstons... We Have A Problem ] (Added 23/09/00) Part of CWM's "Unmasked..." series which appears in their Vanguard Magazine. Used by Permission. This article, written by Neil Richardson, appeared in the August 2000 issue of Christian Witness Ministries' Vanguard Magazine. It is an excellent Biblical critique of the book, "You Need More Money", written by Brian Houston, current General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Australia and senior pastor of AOG Hills Christian Life Centre, home of fantastically popular Hillsong Music. Houston's indoctrination by Word of Faith and Dominion Theology are clearly revealed in his own writings. His beliefs have been appropriately exposed by Neil Richardson's article.


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