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[ Millions Take Alpha Course ] - (Added 19/06/02) The juggernaut of error and apostasy rolls on. More than 3.8 million people around the world are thought to have completed the Alpha course in the last six years, according to figures compiled by British research organization, Christian Research. The organization also found that 742,000 people have done the Alpha course in the United States - nearly half a million of them in the past two years.  


[ Looking at the Alpha Course ] - Linked Article - (Added 25/05/01) Whatever else can be said about the Alpha Course, it has been a runaway success. In 1991 there were just four courses involving 600 people; in 1993 there were fewer than 10 courses being held in Britain. Now there are an estimated 3,000 being run regularly three times a year, more than 500 of them overseas. These are being run by every denomination, including Catholic.


[ The Alpha Course - Final Answer or Fatal Attraction ] - Linked Article - (Added 25/05/01) Written by G. Richard Fisher of Personal Freedom Outreach Ministries. The Alpha program sounds like a great idea. After all, with such heavyweights as respected Christian publisher, David C. Cook Communications, as well as J.I. Packer, Alister McGrath, Luis Palau and Leighton Ford backing it, and a program to facilitate an introduction to the Christian faith (with weekend retreats and group discussions), it has to be good - or does it?


[ The Last Word In Evangelism ] - Linked Article - (Added 25/05/01) Written by David Cloud of the Way of Life Website. Alpha is closely connected with the Laughing Revival or "Toronto Blessing" out of the Toronto Airport Church in Ontario. Those who take the courses are urged to open themselves to the "slaying in the spirit" and other experiences associated with the Laughing Revival.


[ The Alpha Course - Evangelistic Bible Studies ] - Linked Article - (Added 25/05/01) Written by David Cloud of the Way of Life Website. Alpha has achieved wide ecumenical appeal. Nicky Gumbel of Holy Trinity Brompton stated the ecumenical philosophy of the HTB in these words: "We need to unite ... there has been some comment which is not helpful to unity. Let us drop that and get on. It is wonderful that the movement of the Spirit will always bring churches together. He is doing that right across the denominations and within the traditions ... we are seeing Roman Catholics coming now ... Nobody is suspicious of anybody else..."


[ More Alpha Course Apostasy ] - Linked Article - Written by David Cloud of the Way of Life Website.  In 1991, the Alpha program was revised by Nicky Gumbel, one of the pastors of Holy Trinity Brompton, for use in other churches.  Since then Alpha has crossed denominational lines and has grown rapidly among liberal Protestant denominations and the Roman Catholic Church.  In addition to the ecumenical and Charismatic error associated with Alpha, it ai also being used to promote a worldly brand of Christianity.


[ Nicky Gumbel Unmasked - The Rome Connection

[ Nicky Gumbel Unmasked - The Toronto Connection ] - Linked Articles - Written by Neil Richardson who comments "There are big problems with the Gospel according to Gumbel. For simplicity's sake, they can be roughly divided into two areas- defective pneumatology (symbolised by the city of Toronto) and a tendency to ecumenism, even syncretism (symbolised by the city of Rome)." 


[ Nicky Gumbel Extols the Pope ] Prominent Alpha Course speaker, Nicky Gumbel, recently visited and paid homage to the Pope. It is a another clear indication of the endorsement the Roman Catholic church gives to the contents of the Alpha Course which is so popular with ecumenists. It is also a clear indication of the erroneous character of the doctrines it promotes. That which has the imprimatur of the Pope cannot be accepted or trusted by the Christian.



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