Wiring Diagrams and Other Bits

Delta Coding Table with Solder Pads (pdf 188Kb) 10-03-2017

Signal timer, 3 aspect for common cathode signals (pdf 10.7Kb) 24-01-2017

Programming track wiring diagram (pdf 108Kb) 02-04-2015 Update 08-03-2019

Locomotive parameters and function mapping chart (pdf 236Kb) 07-11-2007

Signal timer,3 aspect for common anode signals (pdf 40Kb) 15-02-2003

            will suit Viessmann signals 4010,4011,4012,4015

K84s Schematic (pdf 17Kb)  11-02-08

Coding Table for k83 and k84 Decoders (pdf 270Kb) 12-02-2012

Suggested mounting Bracket for k83 and k84 PCB's (pdf 7.9Kb)  24-08-01

K83 Schematic (pdf 23Kb) 23-07-01

K84 Schematic (pdf 17.2Kb) 23-07-01

S88 Schematic (pdf 19.7Kb) 23-07-01

Track Occupied Indication (pdf 3.82Kb) 23-07-01 

Rear Lights For Wagons (pdf 3.82Kb)  23-07-01

To Interface k84 Decoder to 6652 Fleischmann Turntable Without Manual Overide (jpg 100Kb)

To Interface k84 Decoder to 6652 Fleischmann Turntable With Manual Overide (jpg 129Kb)

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                2.    After the "JPG" images load, you can save them and view them more clearly in an image editor such as Photoshop. To do this right click the image and select 'Save Image As'

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