Marklin Digital Add on Components


Below is a listing of Marklin Digital Control System Compatible Units

31-01-2017 This page remains for historic reasons. As technology has improved, the costs are no longer viable to continue offering PCB's for sale as more advanced items are available at cheaper prices on the internet. My thanks to those people who have purchased from me, I wish you well in your hobby endeavours.

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  Assembly instructions now include photo and parts list Revised 06-09-2008

Details of the Conrad connector can be found here Conrad

Part #

Marklin Digital Equivalent


Unit Cost

Assy Instructions 296Kb
Revised 06-09-2008

6083 - k 83

This Fully Marklin K83 Compatible is a proven design using higher output rated transistors than the Marklin Original. 4 Outputs (Red/Green). Weight 12grams.


Assy Instructions 229Kb
Revised 06-09

6084 - k 84

A Fully Marklin K84 Compatible Unit using the robust OMRON G6EK-134P-12VDC Relay. 4 Switched Outputs (On/Off). Weight 12grams.



Assy Instructions 206Kb

Revised 06-09-2008

  Fully Marklin Digital Compatible Unit. It is ideal for placing in Passenger Coaches or Freight Cars. It provides a single switched k84 type output (On/Off)


RMS-PB-00088 Connector Commercial

RMS-PB-00088 Connector Home Made

Assy Instructions 246Kb

Revised 26-09-2008

6088 - s 88

Fully Marklin Digital Feed Back Encoder. This unit can be connected to the computer interface or memory unit. Provides 16 inputs that can monitor either the centre or outer track conductors. Weight 16grams.


RMS-PB-00841 and HS/DS

Assy Instructions 233Kb

Revised 06-09-2008

No Marklin Equivalent

Home and Distant Signal controlled by a NE555 Timer. Also available is a 3 Aspect Signal also controlled by a 555 Timer. Weight - Timer PCB 6grams, HS/DS 1gram.



Revised picture


No Marklin Equivalent

Digital Crane Modification. This is a replacement commutator plate for the Marklin 7651 Digital Crane. It allows monitoring of 16 possible locations on the rotation of the crane, plus hook up/down position monitoring. This unit requires up to 18 s88 style inputs. (See RMS-PB-00088 above).




Weight USA Europe NZ
Up to 250g $5.50 $6.00 $4.50
Over 250g up to 500g $9.00 $10.00 $7.00

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