Australian Bootable CD Frequently Asked Questions


This page was created to assist PC users who have a CD-R and mastering software, to create a "bootable" CD. Other information includes what they can be used for and how to use them.


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Last Updated: 29/10/1998

Finally, after nearly a month of delays I have published sections 2.7 & 2.8 which deal with using GHOST to backup to CD-R. I would like to thank John Finlay for his contribution to this FAQ (section 2.8.2). Section 2.9 lists some great sites that deal with multiple boot images, so no more info on that topic will be included on this page. For those who have enquired about how to create a bootable CD using Easy CD Pro, please look at my links section for this information. I didn't include this information my self as there is ample coverage of the topic elsewhere. I would also like to thank the people who have sent in positive feedback and shown their interest. As the FAQ stands, I can't see much that can be added, but prove me wrong by all means; I will include any new information that comes my way as soon as possible!. - Damien Stewart.

FAQ Contents

Date Added Topic
  General Information
06/08/1998 1.1 - Assumptions regarding this FAQ
  1.2 - What is a bootable CD?
  1.3 - What are bootable CDs good for?
  Technical Information
22/08/1998 2.1 - What exactly do I need to create a bootable CD?
  2.2 - Preparing for a bootable CD
  2.3 - Testing your boot configuration
  2.4 - Making the CD
  2.5 - How do I make a CD that can be booted in SCSI & IDE/ATAPI CD-ROMS?
  2.6 - How do I use my newly created boot CD?
29/10/1998 2.7 - How do I backup my system onto CD-R? NEW!

2.7.1 - Software required
2.7.2 -
I only have one partition. Can I still use GHOST?
2.7.3 -
Creating an image with GHOST

  2.8 - How do I restore my system from CD-R? NEW!

2.8.1 - Manual restore
2.8.2 -
Automated restore

  2.9 - How do I create multiple boot images on the one CD? NEW!
  Miscellaneous Information
22/08/1998 3.1 - Examining the Windows 98 CD-ROM
27/09/98 3.2 - Dissection of the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS Files
  3.3 - Examining FINDCD.EXE and how to modify it

3.3.1 - Examining FINDCD
3.3.2 - Modifying FINDCD

22/08/1998 3.4 - Where can I get the software you have mentioned in this FAQ?
  3.5 - I want to learn more about CD recording in general, where do I start?
  3.6 - Can I add to this FAQ?
  3.7 - I am having some trouble, what can I do? (LINKS)