Here are some sounds from the Kalava Drum Archive you can download to use in Metronome.

I've edited them so that they are short enough to be suitable for Metronome. You may be interested in the original files. The original Kalava Drum Archive can be found here:Kalava Drum Archive. Many thanks to Lars-Erik Johansson for making the archive available, and to Albrecht Bastemeyer for telling me about it.

Click on the table column header to download the sound files in the column as a zip archive.

There are three random samples from each archive to give you an idea of what the sounds are like.

Kalava Drum Sounds
Kalava-Snares(344KB) Kalava-Kicks(280KB) Kalava-Hihats(244KB) Kalava-Rap(212KB) Kalava-House(208KB) Kalava-Funky(208KB) Kalava-Hip Hop(164KB) Kalava-Misc(128KB) Kalava-Overdrv(80KB)
SNAR_04B.wav KICK_02A.wav HI_C_03C.wav hi_c_09b.wav hi_c_12a.wav hi_c_03e.wav hi_c_06a.wav CLAP_25A.wav clap_25a.wav
SNAR_04D.wav KICK_02D.wav HI_C_03E.wav hi_c_09e.wav hi_c_12b.wav hi_c_03f.wav hi_c_06c.wav CLAP_25E.wav clap_25e.wav
SNAR_04E.wav KICK_02E.wav HI_C_03G.wav rim_10t.wav kick_11c.wav snar_04m.wav kick_05a.wav SHAKE32A.wav junk_24l.wav
36 more snares 28 more kicks 28 more Hi-hats 23 more Rap sounds 21 more House sounds 21 more Funky sounds 18 more Hip hop sounds 14 more Misc. sounds 6 more Overdrive sounds

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