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Rodney Waterman

Teaching, lectures, workshops and ensembles

Teaching Experience

Rodney is a qualified secondary teacher and has taught both classroom and instrumental music (including Italian language) in a number of Melbourne Schools, including University High, Methodist Ladies College and Camberwell Anglican Girls’ Grammar. In Italy he taught music (1984) at the scuole elementari di Pitigliano (Pitigliano Primary School).

From 1997-2004 Rodney taught part-time classroom and ensemble music at North Fitzroy Primary School  in the City of Melbourne. He composed and arranged many pieces for these eclectic groups. From 2004-2007 Rodney was the Music Director at Preston Girls Secondary College in Melbourne where he taught Years 7-12 including VCE music. Since 2008 Rodney has taught music at Preshil in Kew, Melbourne.

Lectures and Workshops (Recorder)

As a recorder specialist, Rodney is regularly invited to give workshops around Australia, and has also tutored in New Zealand (Wellington 1996, Christchurch 2002). In January 1998 he gave workshops in improvisation and recorder at the annual Turramurra folk music camp in the Otway Ranges (Victoria, Australia) organised by the Geelong Folk Music Club - since then he has tutored frequently at both Turramurra (Otways) and Roses Gap Festivals (Grampians). Rodney has also tutored at Riley Lee's shakuhachi camps (1998) and the Australian Call of the Four Winds Festival (2000). He was the  Director of the Children's Summer Activity Program for the Steps In Time Festival in Armidale NSW (Australia) in 2005. In May 2010 he will be a guest tutor for the North Queensland Recorder Society.

Rodney's specialist lecture and workshop topics include:

    • Jacob Van Eyck
    • Aurelio Virgiliano
    • The Art of Diminution
    • Useful Transpositions for Recorders
    • How to transpose traverso music for treble recorder (minor 3rd transpositions)
    • Positive Performing
    • Recorder Technique
    • Recorder Articulation
    • Improvisation
    • Expanding Repertoire
    • Tone Quality
    • Ensemble Playing
    • Recorder Playing for Absolute Beginners
    • Lazy Ade Monsbourgh and The Recorder In Ragtime
    • Egberto Gismonti for recorder
    • Composing for the recorder
    • The Recorder, Off The Beaten Track (Click HERE for presentation notes)
    • The Recorder and Brazil (Click HERE for presentation notes)
    • It does mean a thing if you Ain't got that swing
    • Tu,tu,tu; tap tap tap-the recorder IS rhythm

Enquiries & Bookings

Rodney is available for performances, workshops, lectures and demonstrations. Contact him also with regard to ensembles for children, or for special sessions and workshops in your area.

E-mail Rodney Waterman

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