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Rodney Waterman

Published Articles - Music

Magazines and Journals

Articles published in the (Australian) Victorian Recorder Guild's The Recorder, later renamed Recorder and Early Music:

  • 'Recorders… and all that jazz'. Spirits. Keith Jarrett. ECM 1333/34. No. 6 (1987): 27-28 (record review);
  • 'The lure of Jacob van Eyck (a forest full of nightingales).' No. 20 (1996): 11-16;
  • 'Virtuoso recorder music.' Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet. Florilegium, L'Oiseau Lyre 414277-LP No. 5 (1986): 34-35 (record review);
  • 'With the recorder in Italy-a personal journey.' No. 4 (1986): 29-33.
  • 'Recorders-Relatively Speaking: sixteen recorders at four relative pitches.' No.22 (1998):7-9
  • Fred Morgan, Recorder Maker, 1940-1999, No.23 (1999):3-5
  • Dawn and Dusk: A Recorder Song Book (Book 2), Orpheus Music OMP 007, Sheet Music Review, No.23 (1999):20

Cinnamon Sticks - The Recorder in Australasia:

  • 'Anima: Espiral do Tempo and Especiarias', CD Review, Vol.1 No.2
  • Sheet Music Reviews, Jazzimuth Création, France, (various ), Vol 3, No.2, November 2002:37-38
  • Recorder in Ragtime-Lazy Ade Monsbourgh, CD Review (revised), Vol 4, No.1, May 2003:14-16
  • Tony Lewis, Zaide Gaïre, Orpheus Music OMP 065, Sheet Music Review, Vol 4, No.1, May 2003:33

Other published articles on Fred Morgan:

  • Obituary - Frederick G. Morgan - Recorder Maker, The Melbourne Age, Thursday April 29, 1999:24 (Versions of this obituary have appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, American Recorder and Tibia (see below).
  • Frederic G. Morgan, Blockflötenbauer,  8.4.1940-16.4.1999, Tibia 3/99:559-560 (Rodney Waterman, translation by Sabine Haase-Moeck)
  • Recorder Maker Frederick G. Morgan Dies in Automobile Accident in Australia, American Recorder, Volume XXXX, Number 3, May 1999:6
  • In Memoriam: Fred Morgan (1940-1999), Ein Nachruf von Rodney Waterman, Windkanal (nummer 3/99):14
  • Necrologia de Fred Morgan, Rodney Waterman (translation by Bárbara Sela), Revista de flauta de pico, No. 14, 11/1999:25
  • Obituary - Frederick G. Morgan - Recorder Maker, The Recorder Magazine, Vol. 19, No.3, Autumn 1999:79-80
  • Gedächtniskonzert für Fred Morgan, Rodney Waterman, Windkanal (nummer 1/00):33
  • Obituary - Frederick G. Morgan 1940-1999, Rodney Waterman, The Consort, Journal of the Dolmetsch Foundation, Summer 1999, Vol.55:66-69
  • Frederick G. Morgan: 8.4.1940 - 16.4.1999 - A Biography, Rodney Waterman, Recorders Based on  Historical Models/Fred Morgan Writings and Memories, Ed. Gisela Rothe (various authors), Mollenhauer Recorders/Morgan Workshop, Fulda 2007:22-25

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