Fred Morgan (1940-1999)Discography

Compiled by Rodney Waterman

Revised: November 30, 2004

200 Entries.



The idea for this list came about when I wrote an obituary  for Fred Morgan and surmised that his recorders ‘feature on hundreds of recordings’. Why not put this assertion to the test? Well, here it is. Wherever possible I have also noted other instrument makers. This collaboration may ultimately enrich the overall quality of information about recordings featuring recorders and certainly stands as a record of how highly Australian maker Fred Morgan’s instruments are regarded internationally.


Thanks to all of you who have contributed to this list over the past four years—Lorenzo Cavasanti, Sabine Haase-Moeck, Marijke Van Campenhout, Judith Linsenberg, Chris Short, Maurice Steger, Alan Davis, Nicholas Lander, Frode Thorsen, Sascha Mommertz, Dan Laurin, Barthold Kuijken, Heinz Ammann, Robyn Mellor, Nick Horn, Thomas Braatz, Lorenzo Lio, Ros Bandt, Markus Zahnhausen, Jürgen Scheer, Evelyn Nallen, Thiemo Wind, Katja Beisch, Andrea Guttmann, Owen Watkins, James Harris, Robert Ehrlich, Kees Boeke, Camilla Soederberg, Jeanette Hajncl, Valeria Bittar, Genevieve Lacey, Sally Melhuish, Alexandra Reuter, John Terrell, Monica McTaggart, Vicki Boeckman, Pamela Thorby and Zana Clarke. I wish to especially thank Fred’s wife, Ann.


The discography is virtually complete for my purposes. Fred’s workshop is still producing ‘blanks’, that is, recorders turned to Fred’s specifications, but without block and voicing—they are sent to other makers to complete. Also I am aware that Mollenhaeur are making a model they call the ‘Morgan’ model. I have to draw the line somewhere, and I will not include these instruments—only instruments voiced by Fred.


This list of 200 recordings tells a great story about the recorder, music and Fred’s wonderful instruments. There will be without doubt some recordings that I have missed somewhere in the world, and of course musicians continue to record with Fred’s instruments. The list may contain some small errors of detail or wrong assumptions about some instruments used. Please contact me if you have any amendments to make, no matter how small. One day, when I have lots of time, I will try and lay out the list more beautifully, logically and in a way that is easier to navigate.



·            All entries are CDs unless indicated as an LP

·            All recorders by Fred Morgan (FM) unless otherwise indicated

·            ?  A question mark indicates the highly probable use of Morgan recorder





Recording Identification


1.               Adelaide Baroque: Tessa Miller, soprano, Lynton Rivers, recorders, Lesley Lewis h/c


Musica da Camera



Voice flute in d’ after Bressan (boxwood), Alto after Denner in f’ - Jo Saunders, voicing by FM.

2.               Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra (Ton Koopman), Ricardo Kanji, Reine-Marie Verhagen (recorders)

J.S. Bach, Brandenburgische Konzert 5-6-2

Erato 2292-45374-2


3.               Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet

Baroque Recorder Music (Bach J. S., Sweelinck, Purcell, Boismortier, Locke, Scheidt)

L'oiseau-Lyre 421 130-2

Alto recorder in f’ after Bressan, Daylesford 1972 [sic – FM didn’t move to Daylesford until 1975] and 1979

4.               Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet


The Art of Fugue

Channel Classics

CCS 12698


Soprano in c´´ after Bressan

Fourth flute in b´flat after Bressan, Third flute in a´ after Bressan, Alto in f´ after Bressan, Alto in f´ after Denner

Voice flute in d´ after Bressan

5.               Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet & Kees Boeke

The Image of Melancolly, Anthony Holborne

Channel Classics CCS 2891


“Recorded recorders build (sic) by Bob Marvin and Fred Morgan”, including Morgan Ganassi soprano in c’’ for solo Lacrime (Boeke).

6.               Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet, The Academy of Ancient Music (C.Hogwood)

Concerti di flauti (Telemann, Heinichen, Marcello, Schickhardt, Vivaldi) L’Oiseau-Lyre 436 905-2


Alto recorders in f’ after Bressan, 1972 und 1973; alto in f’ after Denner (other recorders by Friedrich von Huene, Martin Skowroneck, Yamaha

7.               Anima - Isa Taube (voice), Ivan Vilela (Brazilian ten string guitar), João Carlos Dalgalarrondo (percussion), José Eduardo Gramani (Brazilian fiddles), Luiz Henrique Fiaminghi (Brazilian fiddles), Patricía Gatti (harpsichord), Valeria Bittar (recorders).

Espiral do tempo (European early music and popular/orginal Brazilian fusion)
MCD 022 (MCD World Music)


Recorders: hand fluit by Helge Stiegler (1985) after ‘van Eyck’ type ca. 1647, Ganassi by Abel Vargas, São Paulo Brazil 1993, baroque alto by FM (1980) after Denner ca. 1700.

8.               Anima - Isa Taube (voice), Paulo Freire (Brazilian ten string guitar), João Carlos Dalgalarrondo (percussion), Luiz Henrique Fiaminghi (Brazilian fiddles), Patricía Gatti (harpsichord), Valeria Bittar (recorders).

Especiarias (European early music and popular/orginal Brazilian fusion)
MCD 070 (MCD World Music)



Recorders: hand fluit by Helge Stiegler (1985) in c’’ after ‘van Eyck’ type ca. 1647, Ganassi by Abel Vargas, São Paulo Brazil 1993, baroque alto by FM (1980) after Denner ca. 1700.

9.               Bandt, Ros


MD 3075

A440 Alto in f’ (Jo Saunders, voiced by FM) ~1986 [Saunders ‘dolphin’ and Morgan ‘cross’]

10.          Bergen Barokk:
Frode Thorsen, recorder
Hans Knut Sveen, harpsichord & organ
Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, cello, Eero Palviainen, lute

Sonatas by Francesco M. Veracini and F. Barsanti Simax Classics PSC 1122



Treble in f' after Stanesby

11.          Bergen Barokk:
Mona Julsrud, soprano
Frode Thorsen, recorder
Hans Knut Sveen, harpsichord, Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, cello

"The lonely shepherd". Cantatas by Pepusch. Instrumental interludes by Finger, Paisible, Purcell, Blow

BIS CD 965

Treble in f' after Stanesby and voiceflute in d' after Bressan/Stanesby.


12.          Boeckman, Vicki —
”Opus 4” (Vicki Boeckman, recorders), Dorte Lester Nauta (recorders), Mogens Rasmussen (viola da gamba), Viggo Mangor (archlute)

“Baroque Trio Sonatas”
Trio Sonatas from the 17th & 18th centuries by Handel, Telemann, Merula, Stradella, Uccellini & Sammartini for two recorders and basso continuo.

Paula PACD 64


Alto recorders after Denner by FM (1990) and R.Kanji, Soprano recorders after Ganassi by FM (1991) and R. Kanji, soprano recorders after Terton by G. Klemisch

13.          Boeckman, Vicki (recorders) Finn Hansen (V.d. gamba) Lars Ulrik Mortensen (Harpsichord)

Early Italian Baroque (Frescobaldi, Castello, Fontana, Merula, Cima)

Kontrapunkt 32059

Ganassi in c’’(1991), Ganassi in g’ (1988) Other recs: ren-type tenor in C, Adrian Brown (1989), Terton soprano in c’’ Guido Klemisch (1982)

14.          Boeckman, Vicki (recorders), Dorte Lester Nauta (recorders), Mads Johansen and Svend Melbye (traversi), Mogens Rasmussen and Finn Hansen (viola da gambas), Viggo Mangor (archlute), Allan Rasmussen (harpsichord).

“Flute Music from the Baroque”

Trio sonatas and Quartets by Telemann, Quintett by Loeillet & trio sonata by Quantz. ["Kurt Zieners Minde"  (In Memory of Kurt Ziener]

Primavera PVCD 9601


Bressan altos in f’ (1995)
Bressan voice flutes in d’ (1996)

15.          Boeckman, Vicki (recorders), Dorte Lester Nauta (recorders), Mogens Rasmussen (viola da gamba), Viggo Mangor (archlute and chamber organ) — “Opus 4”

"Aires and Duets for 2 Flutes and Bass",

Trio Sonatas from the 17th & 18th centuries by Handel, Telemann, G.B. Braun, Rossi & Merula for descant and treble recorders and basso continuo Primavera


Ganassi alto in g’ (1988), Denner alto in f’ (1990), Bressan altos in f ‘ (1995) Ganassi soprano in c’’(1991)


16.          Boeckman, Vicki (recorders), Gertie Johnsson (recorders), Pia Brinch Jensen (recorders) — Wood’N’Flutes

"Journey" (Edel - Kadanza Classics) Seven Centuries of Recorder Music



Altos in f’ after Bressan (1995, 1996), alto in f ‘ (a440) after Denner (1998),

Alto in g’ after Ganassi (1988), soprano in c’’ after Ganassi (1992).


Renaissance basset in F, bass in C, Kontrabass in F by Ture Bergström, Renaissance tenors in C and basset in F by Thomas Prescott, Alto in f’ by Hans Coolsma, Alto in f’ after Denner by David Coomber, keyed tenor in C (a440) by F. Von Huene, Square bass by Herbert Paetzold.

17.          Boeckman, Vicki (recorders), John Holloway (violin), Jaap ter Linden (‘cello and viola da gamba), Lars Ulrik Mortensen (harpsichord), Aloysia Assenbaum (organ)

“G.P.Telemann, Trio Sonatas with Recorder”
Classico CLASSCD 325


Bressan alto in f ‘ (1995), Denner alto in f’ (1990), Denner alto in f’ by F. von Huene


18.          Boeke, Kees (recorder, vielle)

MONODIA, solo medieval music

(Thomas Aquinas, Heinrich Frauenlob, anonimo italiano, Guillaume de Machault, Gherardello, Lorenzo Masini)


This disc is dedicated to the memory of Fredrick Morgan                                                          

Stradivarius STR 33570


Ganassi soprano in c’’, Ganassi alto in g’, Ganassi ivory alto in g’ (all 1978/79).

Actual sleeve credits:
Flauti: tenore "medievale" - Fulvio Canevari, tenore cilindrico "Rafi" - Francesco LiVirghi, contralto "Ganassi" in sol (avorio) - Fred Morgan, contralto "Ganassi" in sol (acero) - Fred Morgan

soprano "Ganassi" in do - Fred Morgan

viella tenore - Fabio Galgani

19.          Boeke, Kees and Walter van Hauwe (recorders)

Virtuose Kammermusik, Duets for Recorders (Morley, Telemann, van Eyck, Hotteterre)

Teldec 6.42522 AP




Morley: 2 Sopranos (Ganassi?) by FM 1978, Ganassi g’ alto by FM 1979, 2 Tenors in c’ by Friederich von Huene, 1976, Bassetblockflöte, Moeck 1978

Telemann: 2 Sopranos by FM 1979 (A415), 2 Altos after Bressan by Hans Coolsma (A415).

Van Eyck: Ganassi g’ alto by FM 1979, soprano in c’ (Ganassi?) by FM 1978, traverso by Friederich von Huene 1975, Tenor in c’ by Friederich von Huene 1976.

Hotteterre: 2 Altos in f’ by FM 1976 after Bizey (A392).

20.          Brüggen, De Vries, Bylsma, Leonhardt (Boston Museum Trio)

Telemann: 12 Sonate Metodiche

SB2K 63182


Voice flute in d´

21.          Brüggen, Frans

Corelli Sonaten Op 5 Nos 7-12 “La Follia”

RCA RD71055 (CD?)

RCA (Seon) RL 30393 (LP)


Bressan alto in f’ Melbourne/Amsterdam 1979

22.          Brüggen, Frans

Telemann, Georg Philipp: 6 Sonate Metodiche

GD 71957

Voice-flute, Melbourne 1980

23.          Brüggen, Frans

Frans Brüggen (Bach, Handel, Hotteterre, Mozart)

RCA (Seon) RL 30333


Alto in f’ (A392) after Bizey (Hotteterre)

24.          Brüggen, Frans

Frans Brüggen spielt Vivaldi, Bach, Händel, Hotteterre.

RCA (Seon) VL 30384



Hotteterre: FM Altos after Bizey A392

Bach Sonata A-dur: Traverssflöte I.Schierer 1773, Bach Brandenburg 4: Altos by Coolsma and von Huene (1968 and 1974), Vivaldi Concerto Nr 1 in F: Alto by Jan Steenbergen (first half 18th Century)

25.          Brüggen, Frans (recorder and tranverse flute)

Frans Brüggen, Encore! Zugabe! Bis!

(Solos by Bach, Marchetti, Andriessen, Rebel, van Eyck, anon, Virgiliano, Purcell, Moser, Boismortier, Heberle, Ortiz)

RCA (Red Seal) RL 30769



Ganassi in g’ (Virgiliano)

— others?

26.          Brüggen, Frans, Kees Boeke, Walter van Hauwe

French Recorder Sonatas (Ph. de Lavigne, J. B. de Boismortier, A. Danican Philidor, L.-A. Dornel, F. Couperin) Frans Brüggen Edition Vol. 7

Teldec 4509-97469-2

Alto recorder in f’ after Bizey

27.          Brüggen, Kuijken, Gruskin, Kweksilber

Hotteterre, Premier Flûtiste Francais

SB2K 62942

Recorders in f´ after Bizey

28.          Brüggen, Leonhardt, Bylsma

Bach: Complete Sonatas & Partitas

GD 71964 (2)

Alto f´ after Bizey

29.          Cambridge Musick, The

Handel: The Recorder, Violin and Viola da gamba Sonatas

Globe GLO 6032

Alto recorder in F after Bressan

30.          Camerata Moderna


Palimpsest (Frescobaldi, Marais, Ruoff, Rossi, Merula, Rebel, Schmidt-Mechau, De Visée)

R&M 2-1023

Soprano recorder, Daylesford 1991; alto recorder in g’, Daylesford 1991; alto recorder after Debey, Daylesford 1974; alto recorder after Denner, Daylesford 1990; voice-flute after Bressan, Daylesford 1990

31.          Camerata Moderna (Ulrike Volkhardt, recorders)

Jacquet de la Guerre: Sonatas

MDG 605 0807-2


Soprano recorder after Terton (1997), Alto after Denner/Bressan, (1990), voice-flute after Denner (1990)

32.          CANTICA SYMPHONIA, Laura Fabris soprano, Giuseppe Maletto - Fabio Furnari tenors, Marco Scavazza baritone
KEES BOEKE, musical direction (and recorder, fiddle, vielle), GIUSEPPE MALETTO, director


GUILLAUME DUFAY (1397 ca. - 1474)



Stradivarius STR 33569


Ganassi Alto in g’ (maple)

33.          Cantigas (Zana Clarke, recorders)

Courts In Colour

Move Records MD 3177

Voice Flute in d’ by FM, ganassi in g’ by M. Grinter

34.          Cantigas, Zana Clarke (recorders)

Traveller’s Tapestry
Move MD 3153


Voice Flute in d’ by FM, Ganassi in g’ by M. Grinter

35.          Cantigas, Zana Clarke (recorders)

Silk and Spice

MD 3137

?Voice Flute by FM (1991), Ganassi g’ alto by M. Grinter (1989)

36.          Canzoni Cœlln, Lucia Mense (recorders), Antje Plieg-Oemig (V.da Gamba), Thomas Rudolph (Organ).

L’Ambitiosa – Virtuose Instrumentalmusik des Italiensichen Fruhbarock.

Canzoni Cœlln RS0702-01


Soprano recorder by FM 1996, soprano by Andreas Schob 1993, Tenor by Monika Musch 2001, Tenor by Francesco Li Virghi 2002

37.          Capella Corelli — Cynthia O’Brien (bar. violin), Ruth Wilkinson (recorder), Paul Thom (harpsichord)

“For ye lovers and masters of musique” (Handel, Castello, Matteis, Leclair, Corelli, Blow).
Larrikin LRF 069


Alto in f’ after Bressan

38.          Capella Corelli (Ruth Wilkinson, recorder, Cynthia O’Brien, violin, John O’Donnel, harpsichord)

Capella Corelli play Handel and Telemann

Move Records MD 3126

(Cassette MC 3126)

Alto in f’

39.          Cappella Amsterdam (dir. Jan Boeke), Anneke Boeke (recorder).

Hodie Christus Natus est -- Christmas music in the Netherlands.

( Jacob van Eyck: Puer nobis nascitur, O salich heyligh Bethlehem, Een kindeken is ons gebooren)

Lindenberg Records (earliest release on: Attacca) Rotterdam

No. 8 711801 000077


Renaissance alto (Ganassi) in g’



40.          Cavasanti, Lorenzo (Recorder), Europa Galante, dir. Fabio Biondi.

Antonio Vivaldi: Concerti con Titoli
Virgin Veritas 7243 5 45424 2 8


FM 1991, after, T. Stanesby, Luca De Paolis 1999, after P.Bressan. 2000

41.          Cavasanti, Lorenzo (Recorder), Europa Galante, Ian Bostridge.

J.S.Bach: Cantatas & Arias

Virgin Veritas 7243 5 45420 2,

Alto by FM 1991, after T.Stanesby

42.          Cavasanti~Ciomei

Bach~Suite BWV 997~Triosonate BWV 525-526-529

7234 (?)

Recorder after T. Stanesby

43.          Clarke, Zana

Dreams Inside the Air Tunnel
Orpheus OM 301


Voice Flute in d’, Ganassi in g’ by M. Grinter


44.          Concentus Musicus Wien (Harnoncourt)

Brandenburg Concertos Nos 1-2-4

Teldec 9031-75888-2



45.          Concentus Musicus Wien, (Nikolaus Harnoncourt), Leonhardt-Consort (Gustav Leonhardt). Recorder players listed in column 3]

Das Kantatenwerk - Sacred Cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Teldec 4509-91755-2 to 4509-91764-2  (encompass volumes 1-10 with 6 CDs in each volume – volumes 6-9 [8 CDs in total] include recorders by Fred Morgan)


Recorded 1972-1988.


Abbreviations in adjacent listings

CMW- Concentus Musicus Wien

LC – Leonhardt Consort

Vol. 6

CD 3: Track 1, 2, 4   BWV 106, LC  1980, after Bizey by FM, Frans Brüggen, Walter van Hauwe.


Vol. 7

CD 1: Tracks 1, 4, 5, 7, 9 BWV 119, CMW 1981 FM (1979 & 1980), (also by H.C.Fehr), Elisabeth Harnoncourt, Marie Wolf, Jürg Schaeftlein.


CD 2: Track 9 BWV 122, CMW 1982 FM (1979 &1980), (also by H.C.Fehr), Elisabeth Harnoncourt, Marie Wolf, Jürg Schaeftlein.


CD 3: Tracks 13, 15, 17, BWV 127, LC 1982, after Bizey by FM (also by H. Coolsma), Kees Boeke, Walter van Hauwe.


Vol. 8

CD 4: Tracks 13, 16, 18, BWV 152, CMW 1985, FM  1979, Elisabeth von Magnus-Harnoncourt (Marie Wolf very likely only on CD 4 Track 18 where doubling occurs).


CD 6: Tracks 10, 13, 14, 15, BWV 161, CMW 1986, FM 1979 (no other instrument maker indicated here or above in BWV 152, so they must both be playing the Morgan 1979s) Elisabeth von Magnus-Harnoncourt, Marie Wolf.


Vol. 9

CD 4: Tracks 6, 7, 12, BWV 175, LC 1988, after Bressan by FM 1986 (also after Stanesby jr. by S. Hirao), Kees Boeke, Walter van Hauwe, Han Tol.


CD 6: Tracks 1, 4, 5, BWV 180, LC 1988, after Stanesby Jr. by FM, 1986. and by S. Hirao, and after Bressan by FM, Kees Boeke, Walter van Hauwe, Han Tol,


CD 6: Tracks 13, 14, 19, 20, BWV 182, CMW, by FM 1988, Elisabeth von Magnus.

46.          Concertino Armonico, Geoffrey Burgess oboe/recorder, Owen Watkins oboe/recorder, Peter Watchorn h/c, organ, Claire Garabedian, ‘cello


(No cat. no.)

Altos A415: Bressan by FM (G. Burgess), Stanesby Jr. by F. von Huene (O. Watkins).

47.          Dikmans, Greg (recorders, renaissance flute, traverso), Max Hynam (lutes)

The Delightful Companion: Instrumental Music from the 14th-18th Centuries.

Arika Records AR-001



Gannassi in g’ at a466 and a435 (FM 1980), flute in C (16th cent) a435 by Robert Bigio (1980), Recorder in f’ after Bressan a415 by FM (1977), Traverso after Stanesby Jnr a415 by FM (1976), 6 and 7-course lute by Peter Biffin (1980)

48.          Dikmans, Greg (renaissance recorders, renaissance flute,), Max Hynam (lutes)

Dialogo della Musica – Florid Italian Instrumental Music 1506-1630.

Arika Records, AR-005



Ganassi recorder in g’ (A466, A435, A415), Ganassi recorder in c’’ (A466, A415), flute in C (16th cent) a435 by Robert Bigio (1980), 6 and 7-course lute in G and A by Peter Biffin (1980)

49.          Dikmans, Greg and Anne Norman, recorder and shakuhachi


Breath of Creation, Flutes of Two Worlds

Move MD 3163


Ganassi in c’’, alto?

50.          Ehrhardt, Susanne

Hexentanz & Vogelgesang, Blockflötenmusik aus fünf Jahrunderten (Bassano, van Eyck, Hirose, Heberle, JS Bach)

No catalogue number

TT 58:44

Alto Bressan by FM, Soprano Ganassi by Kanji & Sorel, Alto after Rottenburgh by Moeck, Alto in g’ Ganassi by Bodil Diesen, Bressan Voice Flute by Kanji & Sorel, soprano by Yamaha.

51.          Ehrhardt, Susanne (recorders), Jaqueline Ogeil (harpsichord), Margaret Waugh (baroque ‘cello)

LA FOLLIA, Vivaldi, Corelli, Scarlatti, Vitali

Move Records MD 3211



52.          Ehrlich, Robert (recorder) with Mitteldeutsche Barocksolisten, dir. Siegfried Pank.

"Viola da Gamba Concertata": Telemann: Double concerto in a minor; Sinfonia in F major.

Raumklang RK 9806


Bressan Alto in f’, A415, boxwood,



53.          Ehrlich, Robert (recorders), Mark Levy (viola da gamba), (Richard Egarr harpsichord)

Corelli, Sonatas Op. 5

(Nos 3,4,7-12)

Globe Records, Castricum, Holland


[To be released 2001?]

Email: Globe Records



Voice flute (1988), alto recorder after Bressan (1990), 3rd and 4th flutes.


54.          Ehrlich, Robert and Michael Form (recorders), Berliner Bach-Akademie

J S Bach: The Art of Fuge, arranged for 4 Quartets by Heribert Breuer. 

Arte Nova Musikproduktion

Arte Nova Classics

74321 74465 2


Denner Alto in f’, A445, maple, 1991 (shortened by FM to German concert pitch!)

55.          Ehrlich, Robert, recorder Mitteldeutsche Barocksolisten

Telemann: Serenatas "Willkommen, schöner Freudentag", TWV 12:3 (Incl. Arias with recorder obbligato)

Ars Musici AM 1221-2




Bressan Alto in F, A415, maple, 1998

56.          Ehrlich, Robert, recorder, Richard Egarr h/c, Mark Levy, v.d.gamba


Georg Phillip Telemann-The Original Sonatas

Globe GLO5161


Alto in f’ 1996, VF in d’ 1988 (Both after Bressan c.1710)

[Sonatine in a (TWV 41:a4) and Sonatine in f (TWV 41:a4) on maple Bressan, prototype]?

57.          Eichberger, Myriam

Händel, Telemann, Weiss

ambitus 97929

Alto recorder after Bizey; voice-flute after Bressan/Stanesby

58.          Ensemble Aspecte

Matthew Locke: 7 Suites

Pan Classics 510 068

Voice flute after Bressan

59.           Ensemble Diferencias, Bryony Crawford Conrad Steinmann, Urs Haenggli, Helma Franssen

A Journey Through Al-Andalus and Hispania (Codex Las Huelgas, Atonio de Cabezon, Crostobal de Morales, etc.)

Divox Antiqua, CDX-79809, [LC 1851]


Ganassi in g’and Ganassi in c’’ by FM, Renaissance recorders in c”, g’, f’, and C by Bob Marvin. Recorder in g’ after Bassano by Andreas Schwob.

60.          Ensemble Differencias, Conrad Steinman, Elsa Frank, Helma Franssen, Urs Haenggli recorders

Canto Triplex

CDX 79610

Renaissance type in c”-flote

61.          Ensemble Douce Memoire, Gerald Stempfel (recorder), Jan Rokyta (Dulcimer)

Intuition- Ratio (in der Musik von 1300-1750)
R&S (RS-05-02-94)

Voice Flute in d’ (after J. Denner) by FM - other recorders by Adriana Breukink, Moeck

62.          Ensemble Fiori Musicali Copenhagen, Nikolaj Ronimus, recorder, Helene Jerg, b.’cello, Leif Meyer, harpsichord/organ


“Les voix des Loeillet” Recorder Sonatas of the Loeillet family.



FM Recorders: F’ alto, after Bressan, 1988 VF in d’ Bressan 1992, Alto in f’, T Stanesby Sen 1993, Alto in E flat’ after P Bressan, 1997, Alto in f’ J. Denner 1990, “Thanks to Fred Morgan for making such wonderful instruments for me. These great-grandchildren of Bressan, Denner and Stanesby are my living originals” N.R.

63.          Ensemble Fitzwilliam, Jean-Pierre Nicolas, (recorder)

Telemann: Solo, Trio & Concerto. Auvidis Astree E 8561


Denner alto in f' by FM.


64.          Ensemble Fitzwilliam, Jean-Pierre Nicolas, Pierre Hamon (recorders)

Marin Marais: Pieces en Trio,

Auvidis Valois V 4638


Two Denner altos in f'; Two Bressan Voice Flutes

65.          Ensemble La Capriola (Arndt, Hug, Sabin, Schweitzer).


- Corellisierende Sonate  Nr. 6 D-Dur

- Trio G-dur

- Concerto I D-dur

- Sonate g-moll

- Concerto VI a-moll

- Sonate d-moll

- Corellisierende Sonate Nr. 3 d-moll (orig. h-moll)


Bestellnummer: bcc 0909

Labelcode: 02371

ISRC-Nummer: DE H51 01 105 01-31




Joachim Arndt:

- Altblockflöte nach DeBey von Guido Klemisch (22-31)

- Voiceflute nach Bressan von Joachim Rohmer (1-5)

- Cembalo nach Harras von Jürgen Ammer (6-9, 18-21)

Angela Hug:

- Altblockflöte nach Stanesby von Frederic Morgan (14-17, 26-31)

- Voiceflute nach Stanesby von Hans Schimmel 81-5, 10-13, 18-21)

Anne Sabin:

- Diskantgambe von Jörn Erichson (14-17, 22-25)

- Bassgambe nach Tielcke, um 1700 von Jörn Erichson (1-9, 18-21, 26-31)

Claudia Schweitzer:

- Cembalo thüringisch von Jürgen Ammer (1-13, 18-31)

- Cembalo nach Harras von Jürgen Ammer (14-17)

A=413 Hz, Werckmeister III


66.          Familien-Ensemble Guttmann


Recorded October 1995, in a chapel called "Salinenkapelle" in Hallein (a town near Salzburg) compositions by W. Brade, A. Mullenbach, G.B. Fontana, L.Brouwer/Lennon/Mc Cartney, G.P.Telemann, A.Aigmueller, P.Smadback, A. Vivaldi, G.Miller

— NO CAT. NO. [private distribution]

Ganassi soprano (415HZ) - Fontana Sonata Seconda.

67.          Fiori Musicali, Pamela Thorby (recorder), Kerstin Linder-Dewan (violin), Paolo Grazzi (oboe), David Staff (trumpet), Penelope Rapson (conductor)

Bach / Zelenka,

Violin Concerto in D minor (Bach), Sinfonia in A minor (Zelenka), 'Brandenburg' Concerto no.2 (Bach)

Metronome MET CD 1019



68.          Flanders' Recorder Quartet "Vier op'n Rij" (Verbrüggen, Marion)

“Browning My Dere”, English Consort Music (Byrd, Tye, Stonings, Dowland, Baldwin)

Vox Temporis VTP CD92 012


Soprano in c’’, altos g’ and f’, tenor in c, basset in g, basset in f, bass in c, bass in f by Bob Marvin (1985), Ganassi recorders by Peter van der Poel and Fred Morgan (tracks 19-22 feature recorders by FM)

69.          Flanders Recorder Quartet (and others)

Deutsche Barock Kammermusik (VII)

Ricercar RIC 206432


Ganassi Recorders

70.          Form, Michael (Blockflöte) Fabio Bonizzoni (Cembalo)


Johann Sebastian Bach

Flötensonaten/Flute Sonatas/Sonates pour Flûte, Raumklang RK 9701


Altblockflöte in f´nach Bressan a415,, Altblockflöte in e´ a415 (f’ a392) nach Bizey, Flûte de voix in d ´nach Bressan a415


71.          Frederick Morgan Consort, The (Fred Morgan, recorders, Robert Moore, recorders, Tim Moore, recorders, Richard Ireland, Harpsichord and recorders)

Meet the Recorder Family (Susato, Couperin, Spencer Robinson, Telemann, Byrd) WG/B/S/5493



The only recording - other than radio broadcasts – of Fred playing recorder, both solo and consort. Treble recorder by Fred Morgan - others by Dolmetsch, Coolsma and Küng.

72.          Hamon, Pierre

Lucente Stella

Opus 111, OPS 30-122

Bressan alto f’ a415 (1991), ganassi a460 (1983), Voice flute a415 (1991)

73.          Hamon, Pierre

Johannes Ciconia (1370-1412) Alla Francesca

OPUS III, OPS 30-101


74.          Hauwe, Walter van

Blockflute Classics 2

(Couperin, A. Danican-Philidor, J. Hotteterre, Dieupart)

Moeck 10013

- Same CD released on Channel Classics CCS 8095

Descant, alto and voice-flute

75.          Hauwe, Walter van

Blockflute Classics 1 (Telemann, Bach, J. S.) Moeck 10012

Descant, treble and voice-flute

76.          Hauwe, Walter van

Blokfluitmuziek Uit Vijf Eeuwen/Recorder Music from Five Centuries (Bassano, van Eyck, Marais, Shinohara and Ishii)

CBS 71102


Recorder at A462 after Ganassi, by Fred Morgan (1979), Renaissance tenor at A462 by Bob Marvin (1976), Renaissance basset at A440 by Moeck (1977), Recorder after Ganassi at A440, by Fred Morgan (1980), Recorder after Bressan at A425, by Hans Coolsma (1973), Voice-flute (tenor in d') after Bressan, by Fred Morgan (1980), 'Aura' recorder by Hans Coolsma (1978), Recorder after Terton, by Hans Coolsma (1972), Voice-flute (tenor in d') after Bressan, by Fred Morgan (1980)

77.          Hauwe, Walter van (Bob van Asperen, Wouter Möller)

Georg Phillip Telemann

Globe Records GLO CX 15005



Voice Flute (depicted on front cover of LP), others?

78.          Hauwe, Walter van (recorders)

Ladder of Escape 3

Attacca, Babel 8847-5


79.          Hauwe, Walter van, recorders Bob van Asperen, h.chord & organ, Wouter Möller, violoncello, Frans Robert, baroque bassoon

Antonio Vivaldi Sonatas

Channel Classics CCS6194 Moeck

Recorders by Fred Morgan (types not mentioned)



80.          Heyens, Gudrun (recorder)

Tres Tendrement, Marais-Consort, includes Philidor-Suite No 5, g-minor.

Nomos Label (?)

Alto after Bressan (Philidor suite)

81.          Il Dolcimelo Köln: Katja Beisch (recorder), Doris Runge (baroque cello), Alexander Puliaev (harpsichord)

"Affettuoso" - Italienische Violinmusik in der Bearbeitung für Blockflöte.

Music of Berardi, Merula, Frescobaldi, Marini, Vivaldi and Corelli

7 13553 03012 6


Soprano in c’ after Ganassi (1997),

Alto in g’ after Ganassi (1996), Baroque altos by Ralf Ehlert (1997), and Juergen Meyenburg (1991)

82.          Il Dolcimelo: Katja Beisch (recorder), Marie Verweyen (baroque violin), Doris Runge (baroque cello), Thomas Boysen (theorbo, lute, baroque guitar), Christoph Lehmann (harpsichord, organ)


Ffor severall ffriends - Broken Consort by Matthew Locke and Contemporaries

Aeolus AE-10056


Voice Flute by FM

83.          Jensen, Kirsten Lund (recorders) and Per Weile Bak (renaissance lute and archlute)

Duo al Dente: A Taste for Baroque (Bellinzani, Couperin F, Oswald, Corelli, Dowland, O’Carolan)

Danacord DACOCD 484



Stanesby Jnr. Alto by FM (1996), Denner Alto by F. von Huene (1996), Denner Voice Flute by Margaret Löbner (1991), soprano and sopranino by Roessler/Heide (1990, 1991), Archlute by Thomas Neitzert (1989), renaissance lute by Klaus Jacobsen (1990)

84.          Kammertino Linz-Wien


Für Gitarre Blöckflöte und barockgeige

(Fux, Leopold, Bresgen, Matteis, Bach)

Domino 801-412


Alto f’ 1983 (Denner)

Others: sopranino von Huene 1983, sixth flute, A. Loretto 1986, alt f’ Guido Klemisch 1983, alt f’ T. Prescott 1982, tenor in C Guido Hulsens 1987

85.          Kanji, Ricardo (recorder), Jacques Ogg (harpsichord), Richte van der Meer (‘cello, viola da gamba)


Van Wassenaer & Contemporaries

Globe GLO 5101


Alto after J. Denner

86.          Kneihs, Hans Maria

Hotteterre "Le Romain",

5 Suites for Recorder & Basso Continuo op. 2

Camerata 32CM-21

(Tokyo, 1987)

Alto after Debey, 1975

87.          La Petite Bande

Concert de Danse (Lully, Charpentier, Rebel, De la Lande and Rameau)



Six recorders (Bizey a392?) built especially for this project

88.          La Petite Bande, Mens Choir of La Petite Bande, Tolzer Knabenchor. (Barthold Kuijken, recorder)

J.S. Bach, St. Matthew Passion, conducted by Gustav Leonhardt

Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 7848-2-RC



Alto after Denner f’ (a415)

89.          La Petitie Bande (Barthold Kuijken, and Koen Dieltiens, recorders)

J.S. Bach, Brandenburg Concertos II and IV, La Petite Bande, Sigiswald Kuijken.

Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 05472 77308 2, recorded in 1993 (IV) and 1994 (II)


Alto after Denner f’ (a415)

90.          La Romanesca (Bandt, Wilkinson, Griffiths & Newnham)

Iberian Triangle (Music of Christian, Moorish and Jewish Spain before 1492)

Move Records MD 3114

‘Rosenborg’ (‘van Eyck’) soprano in c’’ at A466

91.          La Simphonie du Marais (Hugo Reyne, Pierre Hamon etc.)

H. Purcell: A Collection of Ayres

Virgin Veritas, 7243 5 45182 2 5


Alto rec. after Stanesby (1994) and originals by Bressan (the recording commemorates Bressan)

92.          Lacey, Genevieve

Phoenix Songs

Move Records MD 3165

Alto after Denner (maple) a440 (Broadstock, Shanahan (Lingua silens florum and Helical Ribbon, not Cathy's Song), Baker and Bandt.


93.          Lacey, Genevieve (recorders), Australian Brandenburg Orchestra (dir. Paul Dyer)

VIVALDI, Il Flauto Dolce, An Instrumental Opera for Recorder and Orchestra.

ABC Classics (ABC 461 828-2)


Soprano after Stanesby (1987), Alto after Denner (1985), Alto after Bressan (1994)

94.          Lacey, Genevieve (recorders), Linda Kent (harpsichord, chamber organ)

Piracy - Music Stolen for the Recorder.

ABC Classics ABC 472 226-2



Soprano after Stanesby, Alto after Bressan, Voice flute after Bressan, Ganassi in g’ — all by FM. Ganassi soprano in c’’ by David Coomber

95.          Lacey, Genevieve (recorders), Poul Høxbro (percussion, three-holed pipe)

Two (Anonymous, Marin Marais
Amanda Baker, Johann Sebastian Bach
Calliope Tsoupaki, Traditional)

Move Records MD 3126


Ganassi-type recorder in G, Alto after Denner, Voice flute in D after Bressan & Stanesby.

Others: Tenor Recorder by Yamaha, Ganassi type recorder in C by David Coomber.

96.          Laurin, Dan

Recorder Graffiti

Intim Musik IMCD 012

Solo works by Lindh, Telemann, Masumoto, Bach, Ishii, Heberle, Andriessen, van Eyck, Anonymus


Two Ganassi g altos, maple voice flute after Bressan: “Hearty and warm thanks to my recorder maker, Fred Morgan, who has given me a voice to sing with. He has made all the instruments, except the ones used in “Pastorale” and “Black Intentions”

97.          Laurin, Dan

The Japanese Recorder (solo, contemporary music by Ishii, Hirose, Shinohara, Masumoto)


Denner treble recorder (for Hirose)


98.          Laurin, Dan

Telemann, Twelve Fantasias, JS Bach solo, CPE Bach sonata



“Two voice flutes in D (a=415Hz) by Frederick Morgan, Daylesford, Australia. One of which was built for this recording. They are both based on original instruments by Bressan. Thank you Fred for building your instruments with so much artistry and love. And thank you, Nikolaj Ronimus, for keeping my instruments in good shape – D.L.”

99.          Laurin, Dan

Jacob van Eyck, Der Fluyten Lusthof (Complete)

BIS CD-775/780 (9 CDs)



“Playing for Fred in his workshop in the lovely scenery of Victoria was always an adventure. Fred would sit with his huge hands on his lap, with that very attentive gaze of a real professional. He would start his comments with something like: “Hmmm… well… ah… you see… I changed the curve a little…” and immediately wander off for hours in discussions of what we thought we had heard in a particular tone with a particular fingering. I shall miss these discussions, filled with the most charming, understated humour.


I asked Fred to write about this wonderful recorder (“Missing Link Soprano”) but sadly, fate intervened. I shall miss Fred’s friendly, Aussie accent, calling me over scratchy phone lines live, direct from Daylesford, Australia”.

-- CD sleeve notes, p.51.

Click HERE to read complete text on CD sleeve notes.

Hand-fluit, boxwood, after original in Rosenborg Slot (1995), Hand-fluit, maple, after original in Rosenborg Slot (1980?), Soprano in c’’, maple a415, after Ganassi (1989), Altos in g’, Ganassi [maple a466, 1-piece (1998), maple a466 2-piece (1999), maple a440 1-piece (1997), “missing link”* soprano, boxwood a440 (1998), Alto in f’ and tenor in c’, kanuka (tea tree), by Paul Whinray.

*Fred’s most recent attempt at designing a 17th century recorder appropriate for the music of van Eyck – “Fred came to me like a proud father with a prototype … a fat bulbous thing with chewing gum in the holes that were in the wrong place, scratching from the tools and a trial varnish just to see what it might look like. But the sound: I thought my ears would fall off! The offspring was given the name ‘Missing Link Soprano’.“ – CD sleeve notes, p.51.

100.      Laurin, Dan

Don Antonio Vivaldi: Concerti per flauto e flautino, Bach Collegium Japan/Suzuki. Concertos for alto and sopranino recorder and strings: RV 92, 108, 428, 435, 443, 444 and 445.

BIS 865


Hallett flautino, Bressan A415 alto, Stained Denner alto 415, Single-hole Stanesby 415

101.      Laurin, Dan (recorder) Orchestra "Van Wassenaer"; Makoto Akatsu, violin/director.

“Entertainments For A Small Flute”: Giuseppe Sammartini: Concerto a più Istromenti p. La Fluta. John Baston: Concerto V. William Babell: Concerto I; Concerto II; Concerto III; Concerto IV. Robert Woodcock: Concerto II for sixth flute; Concerto III for sixth flute.

TT: 69'39



Two Hallett 6th Flutes, Bressan 415 soprano

102.      Laurin, Dan / Drottinholm Baroque Ensemble

Vivaldi: Six Recorder Concertos



"Bressan" alto recorder, "Denner" recorder - “I would like to thank my wonderful instrument maker, Fred Morgan, who makes recorder playing such a joy”

103.      Laurin, Dan, Hidemu Suzuki ‘cello, Masaaki Suzuki harpsichord and organ

Handel The Recorder Sonatas



Stanesby model alto (a403), Bizey model alto (a392), Bressan model alto in E flat a (415). Also Stanesby model alto by Paul M. Whinray (NZ) (a 415)

104.      Laurin, Dan, recorders/musical direction


Telemann on the Recorder



Alto (stained) after Jacob Denner. Three voice flutes after P. Bressan (two boxwood, one maple), Alto recorder after P. Bressan – “Special Thanks to…Fred Morgan whose instruments are an indispensable element of the sound of the recording”.

105.      Laurin, Susanna


Solo recorder music by Markus Zahnhausen:

Signs of the Seasons (1989-91)

Lyric Scenes (1992)

Lux aeterna (1994)

Musica inquieta (1990)

BIS CD 1013


All recorders by FM

106.      Laurin/Rasmussen/Meyer

The French King´s Flautists


2 Voice flutes (maple and boxwood)

107.      Legêne, Eva and the Rosenborg Trio (Karen Englund, harpsichord, Mogens Andresen, baroque trombone)

“Royal Music”

Rondo Grammofon RCD 8332


Rosenborg recorders Nos. I and II in d’’ (~ in c’’ at a460?) by FM carved in narwhal tusk after the originals. Ganassi soprano in c’’, Ganassi alto in g’.

108.      Leonhardt Consort, Concentus Musicus Wien

Bach: Das Kantatenwerk Vol 42, BWV 180-184

Teldec 8.35799, 242 738-2

Recorders after Stanesby, 1986

109.      Lewis, Lesley and Joanna Dudley

Telemann Duo Sonatas

Move MD 3140


Altos after Stanesby and Debey, a415.

110.      Linsenberg, Judith (recorder) with Musica Pacifica

Alessandro Scarlatti, Concerti da Camera Dorian Recordings (Dor-93192)


Alto after Bressan (1995)

111.      Linsenberg, Judith (recorder) with Musica Pacifica

Mancini, Concerti da Camera
Dorian 93209


Alto after Bressan (1995)

112.      Linsenberg, Judith, recorders; Elizabeth Blumenstock, violin; Gonzalo Ruiz, oboe; Roy Whelden, viola da gamba; Michael Eagan, archlute; Byron Schenkman, harpsichord

Marais: Pieces En Trio.

Virgin/Veritas 61365


Bressan-type alto in f’, 1995

113.      Little Consort - (Lucia Meeuwsen, soprano, Walter van Hauwe, recorders and traverso, Kees Boeke, Viola da Gamba, Toyohiko Satoh, Lute, therobo)

Songs & Arie Musicali (Frescobaldi, Monteverdi, Caccini, van Eyck, Dowland, Quagliati)

Quadro Records QR6818501




114.      Mala Punica

Ars Subtilis Ytalica

Arcana A 21

Alto Ganassi in g’, 1984

115.      Mala Punica, Kees Boeke (recorder, viol), Pedro Memelsdorff (recorder), Jill Feldman (soprano), Giuseppe Maletto (voice), Christophe Deslignes (organetto), Karl-Ernst Schröder (lute), Svetlana Fomina (viol)

D´Amor Ragionando

Arcana A 22


Alto Ganassi in g’, 1984

116.      Mala Punica,  Pedro Memelsdorff (recorder), Kees Boeke (recorder, viella), Svetlana Fomina (viella), Christophe Deslignes (organetto), Karl-Ernst Schröder (lute), Valentina Visconti (harp), Jill Feldman (singer), Sabine Lutzenberger (singer), Claudine Ansermet (singer), Giuseppe Maletto (singer)

En Attendant: L'Art de la citation dans l'Italie des Visconti

Arcana A 23


Alto Ganassi in g’, 1984

117.      Mala Punica/Pedro Memelsdorff

Missa Cantilena

Erato 0630-17069-2

Alto Ganassi in g’, 1984

118.      Martin-Kosofsky, Scott (recorder)

Music for Solo Recorder, Vol. I, (telemann, bassano, "t' uitement kabinet)

Titanic records, Ti 7 (no date)



Telemann: alto in f' by FM, 1974, after P. Bressan, c. 1700 and alto in f' by Andreas Glatt, 1973, after T. Stanesby, c.1700, Bassano: Renaissance soprano in c'' by Bob Marvin (van Noort, de


119.      Memelsdorff, Pedro (recorder) and Andreas Staier (harpsichord)

Delight in Disorder, The English Consorts of Two Parts 1640-1680 (William & Henry Lawes, Nicola Matteis, Matthew Locke, Henry Purcell).

Deutsche Harmonia Mundi,

DHM 05472 77318 2

Recorders: Fred Morgan 1984, Bob Marvin 1983

120.      Miessen, Marijke (recorder), Bob Van Asperen (Cembalo), Wouter Moller (cello)

Aspects Of Chamber Music From The Netherlands -- Synphonia (Padbrué)

Praeludium ofte Voorspel (van Eyck)

Den Lustelyken Mey (van Eyck)

Phantasia & echo (van Eyck) Sonata Op. 1, No. 1 (van Noordt)


Radio Nederland, Transcription Service

BFO Centre Nederland Music

Volume 2

Realisation TECHNOSONIC, Holland

(No catalogue no.)

Ganassi and ‘Van Eyck’ (Rosenborg) models (?)

121.      Nallen, Evelyn (recorders), Timothy Roberts (Harpsichord/Organ), Jeremy Ward (bassoon), Frances Kelly (harp).

The Nightingale in Love



Denner Alto in f’, Denner Voice Flute (unstained maple prototype ~1980/1)

122.      Nardoo (Zana Clarke, recorders, Peter Bifffin, tarhu, fretless guitar, fretless banjo)

Waiting By The Sea

Orpheus Music OM 401


Voice Flute and Treble in f’ after Denner

123.      Newberry Consort, The (Marion Verbrüggen, recorder)

The Golden Dream,

Harmonia Mundi 907123


Tenor recorder by F.von Huene (1993), Soprano recorder by FM, (1989), Fourteen Course theorbo after Reilich by Hendrik Hassenfuss, Cologne, Germany (1991), Violin after Nicola Amati 1650, by Guy Derat (1989), Gamba after Addison by John Pringle, (1993)

124.      Palladian Ensemble

Bach Trio Sonatas

Linn CKD 036

Alto recorder after Bressan (1993)

Voice flute, Bressan / Stanesby – type (1992)

125.      Palladian Ensemble

Les Saisons Amusantes

Linn CKD 070


? Voice flute and alto

126.      Palladian Ensemble

An Excess of Pleasure

Linn Records LINN CKD010



‘Ganassi’ soprano 1992, Denner Voice Flute 1992. Also Terton soprano and Stanesby Jnr alto by Friederich von Huene (1985)

127.      Palladian Ensemble

The Winged Lion

Linn CKD015


Ganassi soprano 1992

Bressan alto 1993

Bressan/Stanesby-type voice flute 1992


128.      Palladian Ensemble (Pamela Thorby, recorders)

A Choice Collection

Linn CKD 041

Soprano, alto and voice flute by FM (all 1992), sixth flute by Tim Cranmore (1995)

129.      Palladian Ensemble, Pamela Thorby (recorders), Rachel Podger (violin), Susanne Heinrich (viol), William Carter (lute, guitar)

Trios for 4

Music by George Frideric Handel, Georg Philipp Telemann, Jean-Marie Leclair, Johann Joachim Quantz

Linn Records CKD 050


Alto after Bressan (1993), Voice-flute in d' after Bressan/Stanesby.

Other Recorders by Friedrich von Huene: Soprano after Terton (1985), Tim Cranmore: Tenor after Rottenburgh (1995)

130.      Pehrsson, Clas and Dan Laurin

Georg Phillip Telemann, Complete Double Concertos with Recorder


Dan Laurin - Treble in f’ FM, Bressan.

Other recorders by Guido Klemisch

1983, 1984 & 1993

131.      Peñalver, Guillermo

"Sonate per Flauto e Basso Continuo"

Poema Harmonico (recorder,

theorbo/baroque guitar, viol).

Lindoro MPC0702 (1998), Sevilla

Includes a P. Locatelli Sonata in D major  (Op.2, n.2) for recorder, baroque guitar, and viol played on a voice flute by Fred Morgan

132.      Perfect Houseplants —Pamela Thorby, recorders. Huw Warren, piano, accordio and ‘cello. Dudley Phillips, electric and acoustic basses. Mark Lockheart, saxophones and clarinets.


New Folk Songs

Linn AKD 130

Total Time: 54:25





Voice Flute by FM

133.      Quadro Hotteterre

Französische Blockflötenmusik

Teldec 6.41927 AW


? Altos in f’ after Bizey

134.      Quadro Hotteterre

Blockflötenmusik des Barock (Hilton, Purcell, Locke, Marais, Merula, Telemann, Sammartini, Gautier)

Teldec 6.42052 AW

(Selections from LPs 1975-1978)



135.      Quadro Hotteterre

Italienische Blockflötenmusik

Teldec 6.42335 AW




Alto Ganassi in g’

136.      Quadro Hotteterre

Marin Marais, Blockflöten-Suiten-Vol. 1

Teldec 6.41992 AW



Altos in f’ after Bizey (1974)

137.      Quadro Hotteterre

Marin Marais, Blockflöten-Suiten-Vol. 2

Teldec 6.42035 AW



Altos after in f’ Bizey (1974)

138.      Quadro Hotteterre

Marin Marais, Blockflöten-Suiten-Vol. 3

Teldec 6.42192 AW



Altos in f’ after Bizey (1974)

139.      Quadro Hotteterre

Hotteterre: 6 Triosonaten

Teldec 6.42801



Altos after Bizey (A390) 1975 (‘74?), Voice Flutes after Bressan (A415) 1980, Violoncello Piccolo by Ferdinand Gagliano, Naples 1740, Cembalo by David Rubio (1973), after Pascal Taskin, Paris 1750.

140.      Quadro Hotteterre (Kees Boeke, Walter van Hauwe, Wouter Möller, Bob van Asperen) with Frans Brüggen

Musik mit drei Blockflöten, Das Alte Werke (Telefunken), 6.42365




(Teldec 94233 –CD?)

Soprano recorders by Fred Morgan (1978), Friederick von Huene (1976); alto recorders by Friedrich von Huene (1973), J. Steenbergen (1730), Thomas Stanesby (ca 1700), P.J. Bressan (ca 1710), Fred Morgan (1976) after Bizey; tenor recorder by Friedrich von Huene (1975); bass recorder by Moeck

141.      Quadro Hotteterre with Frans Brüggen

JACQUES MARTIN HOTTETERRE (1674-1763) Recorder Sonatas —

Six Sonates en Trio op.3, Paris 1712, Premiere Suitte de Pièces à deux dessus sans Basse Continue op.4, Paris 1712.

Teldec 3984-26797-2

1970/1982, Re-released 2000


Alto recorders: copies after Bizey by FM, 1975, a390 Hz.

Voice Flutes in D: P. Bressan, London, c1700; copy after Bressan by FM, 1980, a415 Hz (Six Sonates en Trio, recorded 1982), Altos by von Huene (Boston) and Coolsma (Utrecht), after Bressan (Boeke/ Brüggen - Pièces à deux…recorded 1970)

142.      Quadro Hotteterre, Kees Boeke (recorder), Walter van Hauwe (recorder), Glen Wilson (harpsichord, organ), Wouter Möller (cello)

Sonatas / Canzonas

Baroque Chamber Music - Purcell / Turini / Merula

Philips 442 782

2 baroque alto recorders, 2 Sopranos in c'' and 2 altos in g' "Ganassi" (one in ivory), tenors by Bob Marvin.


143.      Quadro Hotteterre/Alice Harnoncourt / Han de Vries

Telemann: Trios & Quartette

Teldec 97455 (3 CDs)

(or) Teldec 4509-97455-2 (???)

Alto recorder after P.I. Bressan (1979)

Alto recorder after Thomas Stanesby (1978)

144.      Respectable Groove -Evelyn Nallen (recorder), David Gordon (harpsichord, chamber organ, congas), Richard Jeffries (double bass), Ichiro Tatsuhara (percussion)

Mysterious Barracudas

Music by Lunny, McSherry, Tickell
and Couperin.
Mister Sam samcd001

(October 2001)


"La Rotta Della Manfredina"

and "Trotto" are recorded on FM’s Ganassi alto in G (at A=415 and 440).


"Trotto" is dedicated to FM. 


145.      Respectable Groove, The: Evelyn Nallen (recorder), Andrew Collis (recorder), Katrina Koski (recorder), Barbara Law (recorder), David Gordon (harpsichord), Richard Jeffries (double bass), Ichiro Tatsuhara (percussion)

Tell Tale Ducks, Music composed by David Gordon: She moves through the fair Air (inspired by a Bach prelude & La Folia), Lucky with the Weather (recorder quartet)

FMR CD29 - UG0197


Ganassi in G at A440

146.      Salut! baroque - Sally Melhuish (recorder), Hans Dieter Michatz (recorder), Lucinda Moon (b.violin), Stephen Freeman (b.violin), Bianca Porcheddu (b.violin), Nicole Forsyth (b.violin/viola), Anthea Cottee (b.’cello), Tim Blomfield (Bass violin, b. ‘cello), Simon Martyn-Ellis (Lute, theorbo, Bar. Guitar), Katrina Brown (harpsichord).

Georg Phillip Telemann
Four concertos, Suite in Fminor, Sonata in Fmajor.

Artworks Early Music AW031


Alto after Denner (1990) - played by Melhuish). Alto after Stanesby Jnr. (1985) – played by Dieter Michatz.


147.      Salut! baroque - Sally Melhuish and Hans Dieter Michatz, recorders

Music by Pepusch — five cantatas

and two trio sonatas.

—To be released end of 2002

— see website at Salut! baroque

Alto after Denner (1990) - played by Melhuish). Alto after Stanesby Jnr. (1985) – played by Dieter Michatz.

148.      Salut! baroque - Sally Mellhuish (recorder), Tim Blomfield (b.‘cello), Luke Green (harpsichord), Jane Edwards (soprano), Lucinda Moon (violin) and Marshall McGuire (double harp).


Walsingham Classics WAL 8024 2


Ganassi style soprano 1990

149.      Schola Cantorum Basiliensis Documenta (M.Figueras, R.Jacobs, K.Widmer, M.Piguet, B.Dickey, J.Savall, A.Parker)

Virtuose Verzierungs-Kunst Um 1600

Harmonia Mundi 165-99895/96



Renaissance-Diskant-Blockflote (Ganassi) in g, Fred Morgan 1979 (A460), played by Michel Piguet.

150.      Schola Cantorum Basiliensis Documenta- Georg Philipp Telemann

Kammermusick Mit Blockflote; Conrad Steinmann, Kathi Gohl, H. Smith, J.

Deutsche Harmonia Mundi: 1C065/16 9557 1



Denner alto by FM, 1981.

Denner voice flute by Tom Prescott, 1979. Terton soprano by Scheele, 1975; c' tenor recorder after Bressan by Bernhard Junghanel, 1982.

151.      Schwarzer, Jeremias

Jeremias Schwarzer  - Trio Diritto (December '52 by Earle Brown)

Moeck 10 016

Alto recorder in f’ (a1=392 Hz)

152.      Schwarzer, Jeremias (recorder), Egon Mihajlovic (harpsichord)

Händel / Bach / Bachsöhne



Alto rec. after Bressan

153.      Soederberg, Camilla (recorder), Ann Wallstroem (violin), Peter Tompkins (oboe), Gudrun Oskarsdottir (harpsichord), Hoerdur Askelsson (organ), Judith Thorbergsson (bassoon), Sigurdur Halldorsson (violoncello)


Includes: Georg Philipp Telemann, triosonata in a-minor (from Essercizii Musici) for recorder and violin and b.c.2),

Johann Joachim Fux, triosonata in C-major for oboe, recorder and b.c., Georg Friedrich Handel, triosonata in c-minor for recorder, violin and b.c., Antonio Vivaldi: concerto in g-minor, RV 103 for recorder, oboe and b.c.

Produced in Iceland

JAPIS  99 JAP 9969-2


Denner alto (autumn 1998)

154.      Sour Cream (Frans Brüggen / Kees Boeke / Walter van Hauwe)


Res Musice: The Passion of Reason

The Sour Cream Legacy

Glossa "Nouvelle Vision" 921102 (2 CDs)

Three Ganassi sopranos, three Ganassi g-altos, a Ganassi ivory g-alto (all Morgan) and many other instruments by other makers.


155.      Steger, Maurice

La Castella

(Ucellini, Mealli, Mancini, Corelli) Claves CD 50-9809

Alto recorder after Bressan (1998); voice-flute after Bressan and Stanesby (1998).

156.      Steger, Maurice (recorder), I Barocchisti, Diego Fasolis, conductor (period instruments)

Claves Records

CD 50-2010





Concerto "Il Gardellino" RV 428: flautino in d' after Stanesby Junior by Heinz Ammann, Concerto in F Major RV 434: Alto after Bressan by Fred, Concerto G Major RV 437 and Concert a minor RV 108: Alto after Denner by Adrian Brown, Concerto G Mayor RV 438: Voice flute after Bressan and Stanesby by FM


157.      Steger, Maurice and the Continuo Consort (Kitaya, Zipperling, Weinmeister, Gohl, Feehan, Märkl)








Alto recorder in f', after Peter Bressan, by Frederick Morgan, Australia

(1-4, 10-13, 14-17, 19), Alto recorder in f', after Jacob Denner, by Adrian Brown, Netherlands (5-7, 21-24, 28-31), Tenor recorder in d', after Jacob Denner, by Adrian Brown, Netherlands

(8-9), Alto recorder in f', after Jacob Denner, by Shigeharu Hirao, Japan

(18, 20), Voice flute in d', after Peter Bressan and Thomas Stanesby, by Frederick Morgan, Australia (25-27)


158.      Steinmann, Conrad

MELPO (Lorenzo da Firenze, Ser Ghirandellus da Florentia, Machaut, Eyck, Steinmann, Mose)

Jecklin-Disco JD 622-2


Recorder in c’’ (after originals from the early baroque period) - other recorders by: Bob Marvin (c’’), von Huene (Denner f’), Ernst Meyer (g’), Moeck (f’)

159.      Steinmann, Conrad (flageolet)

The Abduction from the Seraglio (Mozart/Harnoncourt), Mozartorchester des Opernhauses Zürich

TELDEC 0630-10025-2


Flageolet in g’’ by FM (ie range of sopranino in g’’): Act 1 Overture, nr 5b (Janissaries Chorus), nr 14 (Duetto ‘Vivat Bacchus’), nr 19 Aria “O, wie will ich triumphieren’ (Osmin), nr 21b (?) Janissaries Chorus.

160.      Steinmann, Conrad (recorder), Monica Hugget (violin), Pere Ros (viol), Johann Sonnnleitner (harpsichord), Claude Flagel (hurdy gurdy).


LP: Claves D 8302 (1983)

CD: Claves CD 50-8302 (1989)

Alto recorders by

Frederick G. Morgan (1981) after J.C. Denner, Friedrich von Huene (1975) after J.C. Denner; soprano recorder by Klaus Scheele (1975) after Terton.

161.      Steinmann, Conrad (recorders, flageolet)

WERKE FUR BLOCKFLOTE SOLO VON 1600-1978 - Anonymous; Apollo's Banquet; J.S.Bach; Paganini; Gaveaux;

Moser; Marti)




Bob Marvin renaissance g' alto; FM Bressan voice flute; Collin a Paris 1820 Flageolet; von Huene Denner alto; Moeck bass

162.      Steinmann, Conrad (recorders, flageolet) with Anneke Boeke, Pere Ros, Hopkinson Smith, Johann Sonnleitner


Dieupart, Monteclair, Hotteterre, Lavigne CLAVES D 8103



FM Soprano fourth flute, Scheele Bressan alto; FM Debey alto; Kinoshita Rotteburgh traverso; Anonymous 1800


163.      Steinmann, Conrad with London Baroque

Italian Concert (Scarlatti, Mancini and Colista) Claves Records 50-8912

Alto rec. after Denner (1984)

164.      Steinmann, Conrad, Blockfloten, Aulos, Volkstrumente


Jecklin-Disco JD 669-2

Recorder in c’’ -

Other recorders by: Bob Marvin


165.      Thorby, Pamela & Sonnerie (dir. Monica Huggett). Monica Huggett – violin, Emilia Benjamin – violin, Katherine McGillivray – viola, Alison McGillivray – cello, Sarah Groser – violone, Matthew Halls – harpsichord, organ,


Baroque Recorder Concertos (Vivaldi, Telemann, Sammartini)


Linn Records CKD 183



Alto in f’ after Bressan (1993) — Vivaldi C minor and Telemann A minor.

166.      Thorby, Pamela (recorder), Catherine Bott (soprano)

H. Purcell: Sweeter than roses

L'oiseau - Lyre, Decca (1995)

Alto after Bressan (1993)

167.      Thorsen, Frode (recorder), Liv Basberg and Jarle Rui Aadna (voices), Kjetil Sandrum (double bass), Jostein Stalheim (Accordion)

Jostein Stalheim: Kast Det poly- og mikrotonale akkordeon vol. 1

Hemera HCD 2918


[Norwegian Society of Composers -

There are 6 compositions on this CD, all of them composed by Jostein Stalheim. One of these pieces is called "Kast"; for recorder/traverso, speaking voices (male and female), double bass and accordeon]

(Amongst others) F. Morgan: voiceflute in d' after Bressan/Stanesby

168.      Thorsen, Frode, recorder Hans Knut Sveen, harpsichord & organ Jane Odriozola, cello

Georg F. Handel: Sonatas for recorder and basso continuo.
Simax PSC 1093

Alto after Stanesby, Voiceflute in d'

after Stanesby/Bressan


169.      Tre Fontane (Kate Burridge, Helen Dell, Jeanette Hajncl, Stephen Morey, Barb Williams)

Medieaval music from the 12th to 15th century.

Cassette only (Melbourne, Australia)




Ganassi recorders (2) at 466

with a415 alternative foot joints.

170.      Trio Diritto

Without compression (Riehm, Marbe, Veru, Dinescu, Kröll, Thomas, Goldstein) Cybele 260.501

Alto recorder, 415 Hz in f’

171.      Trio Faronell - Alan Davis, recorder, Jane Ryan, viola da gamba, Andrew Hurst archlute and baroque guitar

Petite Musique de Chambre
(Telemann, Kuhne, Hotteterre, Caix d'Herveloix, Handel, de Visee, Maraisde Lavigne)



Alto recorder after Stanesby 1991, voice flute 1994 Bass Viol – Claude Pierray 1709 Paris, Archlute and baroque guitar, Stephen Baser London 1997.

172.      Trio Faronell: Alan Davis (recorder), Jane Ryan (viola da gamba), Andrew Hurst (archlute)


Preludes Airs and Divisions

(English Ensemble Music of the Seventeenth Century by Carr, Jenkins, Locke,

Mace, Parcham, Henry & Daniel Purcell and Christopher Simpson)


Alto recorder after Stanesby 1991

Viola da gamba by John Rose London 1589, Archlute by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris London 1997


173.      Trio Sonnerie, Marion Verbrüggen

The Art of the Recorder, Bach, Bassano, Fontana, Marais

Marion Verbrüggen

ASV/Gaudeamus CD GAU 113



Ren G alto after Ganassi, Soprano Ganassi, Alto in f’ Bressan, soprano in c’’ after Terton (All by FM) - treble by Hans Coolsma

174.      Tripla Concordia (Cavasanti [Flauto & Traverso], Ciomei, Boersma & Martinoli)

Georg Phillip Telemann Sonatas & Trios, Johann Sebastian Bach Triosonatas & suite BWV 997

Cantus C 9701/2

Recorder after P.Bressan & T. Stanesby, Traversi by Alain Weemaels after Grenser & Tutz, and after Rottenburg.

175.      Tripla Concordia (Lorenzo Cavasanti e Giulio Capocaccia flauti dolci Caroline Boersma cello, Sergio Ciomei clavicembalo)

Frescobaldi, Selma, Fontana, Castello: Canzoni, Fantasie e Sonate



"Ganassi" recorders

176.      Tripla Concordia (Lorenzo Cavasanti flauto dolce - Paolo Faldi oboe - Fabrizio Cipriani, violino - Maria De Martini, fagotto - Caroline Boersma, violoncello - Sergio Ciomei clavicembalo)

J.B.De Boismortier - A.Dornel: Concertos and Sonatas



Soprano, alto and voice flute

177.      Tripla Concordia (Lorenzo Cavasanti, flauto dolce - Paolo Faldi, oboe - Diane Moore, violino - Caroline Boersma, violoncello, Sergio Ciomei Clavicembalo)

G.Ph.Telemann: Trios and Quartets)

CD NUOVA ERA 7067 (1992)


Alto after Bressan/Stanesby

178.      Tripla Concordia, (L.Cavasanti, Giulio Capocaccia, Caroline Boersma e Sergio Ciomei) e Kees Boeke

G.Frescobaldi: Canzoni vol.1).

CD NUOVA ERA 7131 (1993).

"Ganassi" recorders

179.      Tripla Concordia, Kees Boeke e Antonio Politano

G.Frescobaldi: Canzoni vol.2 & 3 CD NUOVA ERA 7251/52 (1996).

“Ganassi" recorders

180.      Tripla Concordia, Lorenzo Cavasanti (recorder)

Giovanni Bononcini: Divertimenti da Camera
Philarmonia (?)


FM 1991 after T. Stanesby, FM 1998 after J. Denner and Francesco Li Virghi 1995 after T. Stanesby J.

181.      Tripla Concordia: Cavasanti, Lorenzo (recorder), Caroline Boersma (‘cello), Sergio Ciomei (harpsichord)

HAENDEL: Recorder Sonatas; CD Philarmonia

In Preparation


Alto Denner, 1998

Alto Bressan, 1990
voice flute Bressan/Stanesby, 1994

182.      Tripla Concordia: Cavasanti, Lorenzo (recorder), Fabio Biondi (violin), Caroline Boersma (‘cello), Sergio Ciomei (harpsichord)

Georg Philipp TELEMANN: triosonatas for recorder, violin and continuo,

Philarmonia  PH9A001


Alto recorder after Bressan (1991)

183.      Tyson, John (recorders)

“Something Old, Something New”, Vivaldi, Boismortier; Cooke, Hovhaness; Lovenstein.

Titanic Ti-169


Alto recorders (Vivaldi) by

FM and Friedrich von Huene; soprano recorder by FM, alto recorder (Cooke, Hovhaness, Lovenstein) by Friedrich von Huene

184.      Verbruggen & Flanders Recorder Quartet

Vivaldi~Le Quatro Stagioni

Harmonia Mundi HMU 907153

Soprano in c'' after Terton (1978), Alto in f' after Denner, Alto in f' after Stanesby Jr., Voice Flute in D after Denner (1986), Sopranos, tenor in c’, Bass in C by Friederich von Huene, Soprano in c’’, alto in f’, tenor in c’ by P. van der Poel, soprano in c’’, alto in f’ by H. Schimmel, Basset in F by G. Klemisch, Contrbass by H. Roessler.

185.      Verbruggen / Springfels

Telemann~Solo Works

Harmonia Munde HMU 907158

Alto recorder after Stanesby, Voice flute after Denner


186.      Verbruggen, Gibbons, Mahler

Eighteenth Century Recorder Sonatas

Titanic TiCD-35


Soprano recorder after Stanesby Jr.

187.      Verbruggen, Koopman, Ter Linden

Handel/Recorder Sonatas

Harmonia Mundi HMU 907151


Alto recorder in F after Thomas Stanesby, Voice flute in D after Thomas Stanesby

188.      Verbruggen, Marion

Van Eyck/Der Fluyten Lust-Hof

Harmonia Mundi HMU 907072


Soprano recorder after Rosenborg, Alto recorder in G after Ganassi


189.      Verbrüggen, Marion


Händel. The Complete Sonatas for Recorder

HMU 907151

Alto recorder in f1 after Th. Stanesby, 1992; voice-flute

in d’ after Th. Stanesby, 1988

190.      Verbrüggen, Marion

Jacob van Eyck “Der Fluyten Lusthof” (Vol II) Harmonia Mundi HMU 907170


Ganassi in c & g, ‘Rosenborg’ or van Eyck’ in c’’

191.      Verbrüggen, Marion & Anneke Boeke, (recorders) Aniko Horvath (harpsichord)

Recorder Duets of Three Centuries, Johann Kuhnau: Two Parties for Harpsichord

White Label HRC 131


192.      Verbrüggen, Marion (recorders), Mitzi Meyerson (harpsichord)

JS Bach Trio Sonatas, Harmonia Mundi HMU 907119


BWV 525 – Alto in F after T. Stanesby, BWV 527 – Soprano recorder in C, after E. Terton, BWV 529 – Alto in f’ after J.C.Denner, BWV 530 – Alto recorder in f’ by Peter v.d. Poel after J.C. Denner, BWV 1031 -Voice flute by FM after J.C. Denner, Harpsichord by Joel Katzman, Asmterdam 1993 after Johanes Ruckers 1638.

193.      Verbruggen, Marion (recorders), Sarah Cunningham (gambe), Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (Monica Huggett)

Telemann “Le Plaisirs”

Harmonia Mundi HMU 907093

Alto recorders (1978 and 1990) after Stanesby

194.      Verbruggen, Marion and the Newberry Consort

!Ay Amore, Spanish Seventeenth Century Songs and Theatre Music

Harmonia Mundi HMU 907022


195.      Verbruggen, Marion and Trio Sonnerie




Renaissance soprano after Ganassi, Renaissance G alto after Ganassi, Alto recorder after Stanesby, Soprano recorder after Terton

196.      Verbruggen, Marion, recorders

Bach/3 Suites

Harmonia Mundi HMU 907071


Alto recorder after Stanesby (1991), Voice Flute after Stanesby

197.      Waterman, Rodney (recorders), Doug de Vries (guitar, cavaquinho)

Água & Vinho (Brazilian Contemporary, Original, Renaissance)

Orpheus Music OM 201


Voice Flute (unstained maple) in d’ A440 [E flat at A415](1997), Ganassi in g’ (1980), and others by Yamaha and Zen-On

198.      Waterman, Rodney (recorders), Doug de Vries (guitar, cavaquinho)

Água & Vinho (expanded re-release of 1998 Orpheus CD by ECM – 18 mins extra music)

CARMO (ECM) Carmo/14


Voice Flute (unstained maple) in d’ A440 [E flat at A415](1997), Ganassi in g’ (1980) and others by Yamaha and Zen-On.

199.      Wiener Blockfloetenensemble

Wiener Blockfloetenensemble

(Brade, Glogauer Liederbuch, Senfl, Widmann; Praetorius; WBE Improvisation, van Eyck, Telemann, Berio, Haydn)

Telefunken Teldec 6.42896 AG



Renaissance recorder consort by Bob Marvin; Terton soprano by von Huene; two Denner altos by FM; modern recorders by various makers.

200.      Wilkinson, Ruth (recorder), Linda Kent (harpsichord)

Music for the Countess of Sandwich (Complete suites for voice flute by Charles Dieupart – sonatas 5&6 harpsichord solo)

Move Records Move MD 3161


Voice Flute (maple)

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