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Rodney Waterman

Published Articles and Submissions - Environment

Magazines and Journals

  1. Mallee Magic, Environment Victoria, Conservation Council of Victoria, Issue 68, Spring 1988:2-3
  2. Victoria's Mallee - A Test of Political Will, Habitat Australia, Vol. 17, No.4, August 1989:16-19
  3. Welcome Move on Victoria's Mallee, Habitat Australia, Vol. 18, No.3, June 1990:16-19
  4. The Mallee - A Million Hectares Protected, Wilderness, No 123, Wilderness Society, August 1991:9
  5. Mt Stirling Madness, Park Watch, No. 177, Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA), June 1994:14-15 (co-authored with Doug Humann)
  6. Mt Stirling in Limbo, Park Watch, No. 182, VNPA, September 1995:11-12
  7. The Uphill Battle For Mt Stirling - Time To Act, Park Watch, No. 185, VNPA, June 1996:16-21
  8. The uphill battle for Mt Stirling - Time to act, Eingana (A Journal of Environmental Education), Victorian Association for Environmental Education (VAEE), Vol. 18, No. 2, July 1996: 3-6
  9. Building Up Victoria's Snow Country, Park Watch, No. 189, VNPA, June 1997:10-11, 21
  10. Mt Stirling - A Chronology 1979-1997, Park Watch, No. 189, VNPA, June 1997:22-24
  11. For Better or Worse? - Federal Government Overhauls National Environment Laws, Park Watch, No. 193, VNPA, June 1998:5
  12. When Plantations Beat About the Bush, EV news, Issue 157, March 1999:5
  13. New report calls for protection for remnant vegetation in Eastern Northern Plains, EV news, Issue 158, April 1999:6
  14. Birds on the brink, EV News, Issue 159, May 1999:6
  15. Remnant vegetation on the move at EV, EV News, Issue 160, June 1999:3
  16. How Green Is Your Red, EV News, Issue 161, July 1999:1
  17. Plantations - a log of concerns, EV News, Issue 165, November 1999:2
  18. Invasion of the Killer Weeds, EV News, Issue 166, December 1999:1
  19. Clearing the way for disaster, EV News, Issue 168, March 2000:1
  20. On the trail of Victorian Land Clearers, EV News, Issue 168, March 2000:1-2
  21. Stop clearing the habitat of this endangered cockatoo, EV News, Issue 169, April 2000:2
  22. The sound of one axe chopping, EV News, Issue 171, June 2000:3
  23. EV saves Red Gums, EV News, Issue 172, July 2000:3
  24. Timbercorp dropped from Australian Ethical portfolio, EV News, Issue 173, August 2000:1-2
  25. Vegetation Framework and Regional Plans put native vegetation on the agenda, EV News, Issue 174, September 2000:1-2
  26. Vegetation framework and plans: the issues, EV News No.176, Nov 2000:3
  27. Good News from Yarra Ranges; Killara Park clearing application withdrawn, EV News, Issue 178, January/February 2001:1
  28. Environment Victoria Rejects Net Gain Trade-offs, Lifelines, Community Biodiversity Network, Jan 2001.
  29. EV rejects 'Net Gain Trade-Off' approach to Native Vegetation Management, EV News, Issue 178, January/February 2001:4
  30. Locals oppose VicRoads Calder Highway upgrade plans - EV urges state perspective on remnant native vegetation, EV News Issue 181, May 2001:4-5
  31. Roadsides on the verge (of viability?) [with Andrew Booth], EV News, Issue 184, August 2001:1-2
  32. Welcome steps to protect Cockatoo nest trees, EV News, Issue 186, October 2001:3
  33. Potential nesting trees burnt, EV News, Issue 186, October 2001:3


  • Building up the snow country, The Age, Opinion, Thursday March 6 1997:A15 (Sub-head: Elaborate plans are under way to further develop Mt Hotham. But Rodney Waterman argues that a wider and more vigorous public debate on the proposals is needed (850 words). Click HERE to view article.


Rodney wrote and co-ordinated submissions to the following panel inquiries:

  • Land Conservation Council of Victoria (LCC) Mallee Investigation, Descriptive Report and Proposed Recommendations, Wilderness Society (1988, 1990)
  • LCC Wilderness Investigation, Proposed Recommendations, Wilderness Society and VNPA (1991)
  • Alpine Resorts Panel Review, VNPA  (June 1994)
  • Mt Stirling Environment Effects Statement, VNPA (September 1996).
  • Victoria's Draft Native Vegetation Management Framework and Draft (Regional) Vegetation Plans, Environment Victoria (December 2000). 

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