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Rodney Waterman


Recorder Home Page (Australia)  Comprehensive and informative site regarding all aspects of the recorder
Orpheus Music (Australia)  Supports Australian recorder players and composers through recordings and music publishing. Organises festivals and publishes new Australasian recorder magazine, Cinnamon Sticks.
Australian Music Centre  Connecting the World with Australian Music
Jacob van Eyck  Thiemo Wind's tribute to the great 17th century Dutch recorder virtuoso, improviser and composer.
Recorder Web Radio (Germany)  European Community Radio Station devoted to the best of the recorder from around the world.
The Recorder and Jazz (Italy) New web site hosted by Gianluca Barbaro dedicated to exploring the use of the recorder in jazz.

World Music in Australia
The Boite   The Boite World Music Cafe is Melbourne's premiere eclectic/world music performance space. A major organiser and supporter of world music events in Victoria, Australia. 
Kulcha  The Boite's 'cousin', based in Fremantle, Western Australia.
The Planet  ABC Radio National's brilliant, eclectic folk/world/jazz/original/contemporary radio show - broadcast's can be downloaded! Presented by Lucky Oceans. Australia and International.
The Global Village  The best of world music on independent public radio, Melbourne. Presented by Roger Holdsworth.
The Pure Drop A wonderful site exploring fascinating aspects of world music.

Performers, Composers
Douglas Gunn  Irish recorder player, composer, publisher, arranger & conductor (see also Melrose Music and East Cork Early Music Festival)
Zulya  Australian singer and recording artist, based in Tasmania
the habibis  Melbourne-based Greek music-inspired ensemble
Kees Boeke  Performer and recording artist. My recorder teacher in Italy and Holland 1983-85
Anima  Exciting Brazilian Early/Folk Music fusion ensemble
Riley Lee  Australian Shakuhachi master
Doug de Vries  Australian guitarist, composer
Kavisha Mazzella  Outstanding Australian musician
Robbie Grieg  Australian singer/songwriter
Racheal Cogan  Brilliant, unique Australian recorder player, specialises in world music
Malcolm Tattersall  Recorder player, publisher, teacher, recording artist, composer, arranger - based in Townsville, QLD

Visual Art
Claudia Simoes  Brazilian artist. Beautiful watercolors. Painted the cover image of my CD Įgua e Vinho (Carmo/ECM) 
Michael Leunig  A tribute page to my favourite cartoonist/poet

Conservation Groups
The Australian Conservation Society
The Wilderness Society
Environment Victoria

Other Sites of Interest
Trains  My eldest son Martin's brilliant photos of Australian trains.

Australian Weather
Bureau of Meteorology  
Satellite Images

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