Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia



Vale Zulu

19 October 1997 – 20 April 2012


(Australian Champion Moonshadow Zulu Magician)




We were very saddened when our lovely old boy Zulu passed away on 20 April, 2012, at 14.5 years of age. Zulu was the last of our “old dogs”, which included his mother Shadow, sister Peppy, ring compatriot Baxter and from 2003 on, Paco. Thus losing him means an end of an era for us. Zulu was a part of our first litter, born in North Bondi, NSW on 19 October, 1997. He came with us when we moved to Queens Park, NSW in 1998, and when we moved to Bowral in 2000. He resided with us for over 10 years at “Wonkana”, our 140+ year old cottage there, came with us to our holiday house in Queensland, and more recently continued on at our new house in Bowral. He was there when our imported dogs Paco and Rhianne came to live with us, and when our further four litters were born in 2006, 2008 and 2012. Thus he was a great repository of “doggy” history in our family. Wherever we lived, our study was always his bedroom, and Rob walked him every morning. He went with us everywhere for many years, and we really miss his presence. It’s hard to believe he is gone.


Shown below are some of our favourite pictures of Zulu.


Zulu at home.


Zulu was always closest to his mum Shadow throughout her long life.

Below are some “family” pictures of Zulu with her at various stages of their lives.


First we see him with his brother and sisters being nursed by mum Shadow in October 1997 at home in North Bondi.


A Shadow with her pups 1997a.jpg


Next, we find him relaxing in the garden at Bowral with mum Shadow in November 2005.


Shadow and Zulu Nov 2005.JPG


Then mum Shadow is ready to help herself to his Birthday Cake on 19 October, 2007, his 10th Birthday.





Finally we have Zulu (right) helping mum Shadow celebrate her 16th Birthday

 on 13 August 2010 at our Queensland holiday house.




Zulu’s Show Career


Zulu had a long and illustrious career in the Dog Show ring. He first hit the ring in 1998, and became our first home grown Australian Champion in early 1999.  For a variety of reasons we showed very little during 2000-2002, so most of his show triumphs came during the 2003-2006 period. Over these 4 years, he won many awards as the best Australian Bred Dog in the Working Dog Group, Best and Runner-up Best exhibit in the Working Dog Group. (See his webpage at Zulu.html for more details.) He retired from the ring early in 2007, at nearly 10 years of age, having obtained 729 Challenge points. Some pictures of him at various shows during this period are shown below.


First we see Zulu looking pleased with himself after having won Best Australian Bred Working Dog at the Far South East Kennel Club Show at Bemboka, NSW on 12 March 2005.




Then we see him in his favourite spot, up on the chair next to his Dad,

at the Bega Valley Kennel Club show on 12 February, 2006

where he was again the Best Australian Bred Working Dog.





As a footnote to his show career, we entered him in three Veteran’s Sweepstakes for dogs of over 10 years of age in early 2012.  On the first day, 27 January, 2012, Zulu won the 3rd place ribbon. On the second day, he won the 2nd place ribbon, and on the third day he won the 1st place ribbon. Quite an accomplishment for a dog of over 14 years who had not been in the ring since 2007! Zulu was the only dog out of 600+ entered in these shows who was born in the 1900’s! We were so proud of our sweet old boy!


Some pictures of the 14 year old Zulu in the ring with Lesley are shown below.


SAM_0189a.jpg  SAM_0176a.jpg  SAM_0191a.jpg


We will always remember our lovely old boy. Rest in peace Zulu!




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