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D.O.B. 20/6/2008





Zoe is shown above on her way home to North Sydney with her new Mum, Cherrise


Thanks to Cherrise and Brittany, we have a number of more recent pictures of the lovely girl.


First, we have some pictures of the girl around the time of her 6th Birthday, in July, 2014

(the captions are provided by Cherrise).


Zoe July 2014 photo 26.jpg Zoe July 2014 photo 42.jpgZoe July 2014 photo 34.jpg



Next below, we can see Zoe ready to enjoy Christmas 2012.


Zoe Dec 12.jpg



And below that is a recent picture of her sent by Brittany on her 4th Birthday in June 2012.

Also shown are her Birthday presents quite a haul!


Zoe 4th BDimage6a.png Zoe 4th BD presents photo14a.jpg


Then we have Zoe on her third birthday in June 2011, and a bit earlier with a pretty pink bandage on her cut paw.


Zoe Birthday 1.jpeg Zoe Birthday 2.jpeg


The next pictures of Zoe and family show her celebrating her 2nd Birthday in June, 2010, and also some of her other activities during the previous year. Thanks to Cherrise for these photos, and for the very suitable captions which are also used below.


Zoe 01 - 2010.jpgZoe 03 - 2010.jpg

My sister Brittany bought me my own pair of socks, Waiting to catch Santa, but I am getting a little sleepy. 

because I always steal everyones socks.


Zoe 02 - 2010.jpg Zoe 04 - 2010.jpg

Here I am licking my lips after my delicious bone.  Went for a swim with my brother Zac


Zoe 06 - 2010.jpgZoe 07 - 2010.jpg

Relaxing in the garden with my toy dog.  My new Birthday present - it is a good chin rest as well!


Zoe 08 - 2010.jpg Zoe 09 - 2010.jpg

Waiting to eat my cake while everyone Gobbling up my piece of Birthday cake. 

sung "Happy Birthday" to me. 


Zoe 10 - 2010.jpg

Asleep in bed after my big night, with a full tummy.


Congratulations to Zoe and Brittany who won first place in the dog and owner fancy dress competition at the Forestville Dog Show. Brittany created both costumes as seen below. Also shown below is Zoe celebrating her first Birthday in June 2009 with Zac and Brittany (and a great looking cake!) Her birthday coat was also created by Brittany. Many thanks to Cherrise for the pictures!




IMG_0878a IMG_0368a


Also thanks to Cherrise for sending these pictures of Zoe from January, 2009.

Kids, cuddles, a comfy leather chair and a bone - what more could a dog want?

(For earlier pictures of Zoe, see below)


Zoe Jan 09-1a Zoe Jan 09-5


Zoe Jan 09-3a Zoe Jan 09-4a


Zoe Jan 09-2



and again thanks to Cherrise for these snaps of Zoe in Oct 2008 relaxing at home



RIMG0040 Zoe RIMG0042 ZoeRIMG0073 Zoe




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