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Shown above as a baby puppy on his way to his new home, “Zephyr” has joined

Belgians Grace and Louie with Mum and Dad Michele and Clinton in Sydney, NSW. 


Thanks to Michele and Clinton, lots more pictures of Zephyr are shown below, starting with the most recent and working back to him first going to his new home.


A “Merry Christmas” note was received from Zeph in December, 2016.

He’s very patient with his costume!


Zephyr Christmas 2016a.png


In fact 2016 was a good year for Zephyr in the Obedience ring. Most recently, in October 2016, he competed at both morning and afternoon shows at the Southern Highlands Kennel & Obedience Club competitions. He came first in both shows, and completed both his “Rally Advanced Excellent” (RAE) and his “Companion Dog Excellent” (CDX) titles, which were officially awarded on 10 October, 2016. A picture of Zephyr with his latest ribbons is shown below.


Zephyr Oct 16 winnera.jpg


Earlier, in April 2016 we were officially notified that Zephyr had obtained his “Rally Excellent” (RE) title. In February 2016, Zephyr and Aunt Grace went down the south coast of NSW to Bermagui for the dog shows. Shown below are Zeph and Gracie with some of their prizes and of course, playing in the lovely surf.


Zephry and Grace Feb 16 (8)a.png   Zephry and Grace Feb 16 (4)a.png


Zephry and Grace Feb 16 (5)a.png  Zephry and Grace Feb 16 (6)a.png


Zephyr and Grace Feb 16 (2)a.png  Zephyr and Grace Feb 16 (3)a.png


Zephry Feb 16 (7)a.png  Zephry Feb 16 (1)a.png


Zephyr got all dressed up in an Elf costume for Christmas 2015. Thanks to Michele, his photo is shown below.


Zepher Xmass 16 b.png


On 22 June, 2014 Zephyr completed the requirements for his Companion Dog (CD) title.

Big congratulations to Zephyr and Michele! He is shown in the picture below taken of him

 on the day with his ribbons.  On 2 September, 2014 Zephyr was awarded his Rally Novice (RN) title followed by his Rally Advanced title (RA) on 26 February, 2015. What a talented boy!


Zephyr Rally Novice title 22 June 14a.png


These pictures from Michele show (from left) Louis, Grace and Zephyr

in June 2014 with some of their recent obedience ribbons.


Louie, Grace and Zepher June 14a.jpeg


And these two from Michele finds Zephyr ready to celebrate his second Birthday in April, 2014.


Zepher 2 years 1a.png      Zepher 2 years 2a.png


Lesley and Rob were delighted to join Michele and Clinton and their Belgian gang for dog shows at Bermagui, NSW from 12-16 February, 2014. Impressively, Zephyr was the top scoring dog in the CCD arena for two of the three days, and completed the requirements for his CCD title. The Community Companion Dog title itself was officially awarded on 26 February, 2014 - big congratulations to our boy!! The picture below shows Michele with Zephyr and Lesley at the show with one of his ribbons.





In January, 2014 Les and Rob visited Michele and Clinton in Sydney and captured some pictures of their Belgian Shepherd gang. Below is shown Zephyr with Gracie and Louie together at home, and Zephyr on his own relaxing with a favourite toy.





Previously, we were delighted to hear that Zephyr was a big success at the Obedience trials run at the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Specialty show, on 14 September, 2013. As shown below, Zeph won ribbons as both the highest scoring Belgian Shepherd, and as the highest scoring dog in the CCD arena.


Zephyr Best Belg 14 Sep 13 DSC03851a.jpg  Zephyr Best Belg 14 Sep 13 DSC03858a.jpg


Zephyr Best Belg 14 Sep 13 DSC03859.jpg  Zephyr Best Belg 14 Sept 13 DSC03850.jpg


And Michele sent some great action shots of Zepher along with Louie and Gracie on the beach at North Curl Curl around Christmas, 2012. A few of them are shown below.


Zepher at Curl Curl Dec 12-1a.jpg  Zepher at Curl Curl Dec 12-3a.jpg  Zepher at Curl Curl Dec 12-4a.jpg


Zepher at Curl Curl Dec 12-5a.jpg  Zepher at Curl Curl Dec 12-8a.jpg  Zepher at Curl Curl Dec 12-10.jpg

And here are some lovely pictures of the boy aged 6 months, taken in October 2012.

Zepher Oct 12 1 DSC03450a.jpg   Zepher Oct 12 3 DSC03454a.jpg   Zepher Oct 12 2 DSC03452a.jpg


Zepher Oct 12 4 DSC03456a.jpg  Zepher Oct 12 5 DSC03459a.jpg  Zepher Oct 12 6 DSC03464a.jpg

Then we see the growing boy, first with Grace and Louie and then inside in August, 2012

Zepher Aug 12a.jpg  Zeph Aug 12a.jpg

And more pictures, taken in mid-July 2012.

cid:image001.jpg@01CD5FCC.CD2FC740   cid:image002.jpg@01CD5FCC.CD2FC740

cid:image003.jpg@01CD5FCC.CD2FC740  cid:image004.jpg@01CD5FCC.CD2FC740

Zeph July 12 DSC03316a.jpg  cid:image006.jpg@01CD5FCC.CD2FC740  cid:image007.jpg@01CD5FCC.CD2FC740

And next, thanks again to Michele and Clinton, we have some lovely pictures of Zepher

settling in to his new home, in late June, 2012.


Zepher 2.jpg   Zepher DSC03284.jpg


Zepher smaller.jpg   Zepher DSC03250.jpg


Zepher DSC03274.jpg  Zepher DSC03204.jpg


Zepher 2(1).jpg  Zepher DSC03203.jpg


Zepher SepiaKids.jpg


Then we have the first picture of Zeph in his new home, and a picture of  Uncle Louie (left) and Aunt Gracie (right), both sons of our Paco, with whom Zeph is sharing his home.


Zephyr photo14a.jpg  DSCF4120c.JPG


Finally we have some pictures of Zephyr as a baby puppy getting ready to go

to his new home with Michele and Clinton.


DSCF5518a.jpg  DSCF5519a.jpg


DSCF5536a.jpg  DSCF5532a.jpg


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