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Moonshadow Dream Knight


D.O.B. 10/4/2012


Toby P6030247a.jpg



Toby, shown above with Sam, was very pleased to be out of his airplane crate when

Sam and Caroline picked him up at the Perth, Western Australia airport.


Most recently, Caroline and Sam sent us the following photos of Toby relaxing on the veranda around Christmas time 2013. Thanks Caroline and Sam!


Toby Xmass 13  P1010231a.jpg  Toby Xmass 13 P1010196a.jpg


Toby Xmass 13 P1010201a.jpg  Toby Xmass 13 P1010208a.jpg


Toby Xmass 13 P1010225a.jpg  Toby Xmass 13 P1010234a.jpg


Toby celebrated his first Birthday on 20 April, 2013, and had a lot of fun on the day.

Some of the highlights are recorded below, thanks to Caroline and Sam.


Toby 1st Birthday 6a.jpg  Toby 1st Birthday 1a.jpg


Toby 1st Birthday 3a.jpg  Toby 1st Birthday 5a.jpg


Toby 1st Birthday 2a.jpg  Toby 1st Birthday 4a.jpg


When he arrived, Toby joined Border Collie “Indie”, with whom

he quickly began enjoying fun playtimes, as shown below.


Toby P6040254a.jpg  Toby P6040264a.jpg  


Toby P6040269a.jpg  Toby P6040271a.jpg  


Toby P6040273a.jpg  Toby This water tastes of fisha.jpg


Toby P6030243a.jpg    Toby P6030244a.jpg


Thanks to Caroline, we have more photos of the growing Toby

with Indie in late June, 2012, as shown below.


Toby P6190007a.jpg    Toby P6200011a.jpg


Toby P6220033a.jpg    Toby P6220034a.jpg


Toby P6210016a.jpg    Toby P6210020a.jpg


And then in mid-July, 2012


Toby P7090066a.jpg  Toby P7090070a.jpg


Toby P7150081a.jpg  Toby P7150086a.jpg


Toby and Sam 2a.jpg


And in November, 2012


Toby & Indie Nov 12 PB200358a.jpg  Toby & Indie Nov 12 PB200364a.jpg


Toby & Indie Nov 12 PB200370a.jpg  Toby & Sam Nov 12 PB230404a.jpg


Toby Nov 12 PB2003741a.jpg   Toby Nov 12 PB220378a.jpg



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