Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia

Moonshadow Sashas Joy


D.O.B. 16/9/2008


GraeShadow Distinction


D.O.B. 3/01/2006




Shown above on her way home with her new Mum, Virginia, "Stella" lives in the Sydney area along with "Rosie" (GraeShadow Distinction), a grand daughter of our Paco.


Her pedigree name, Sashas Joy, is in memory of Virginia's much beloved old girl "Sasha", who sadly passed away in September, 2008.


Thanks to Virginia, lots of more recent pictures of Stella and Rosie are shown below.


First we have Stella and Rosie posing for their lovely Christmas 2016 card.


Stella and Rosie Xmass16 IMG_1975a.jpeg


Also recently we received the following two photos in September, 2016,

around the time of Stella’s 8th Birthday.


Stella Sept 16 8th BDa.png  Stella and Rosie Sept 16a.png


Rosie got a new house to protect her from the rain when she is outside waiting for Virginia to come home, just before her birthday in November 2015. She is shown with it below.


Rosie Nov 15a.png


In June 2015, Virginia sent along other recent photos of Stella and Rosie, as shown below.


Rosie and Stella June 15 IMG_1602.jpeg 


 Rosie June 15 IMG_13061a.jpeg  Stella June 15 IMG_13131a.jpeg


Christmas 2013 saw both Stella and Rosie decked out in Christmas scarfs.


Stella Xmass 13 IMG_0463a.jpg  Stella and Rosie Xmass 13 IMG_0460a.jpg  Rosie Xmass 13 IMG_0458a.jpg


Soon after Stella’s 5th Birthday, in October 2013, Virginia sent this picture of Stella and Rosie enjoying their newly grassed back yard.


Stella & Rosie's new backyard Oct 13a.jpeg


Stella’s 4th Birthday was on 16 September, 2012, and Virginia reported that all was well with Stella and friend Rosie. The Birthday girl herself is shown below left, playing with one of her new toys with Rosie, on the right.


  Stella's 4th BD 2.jpeg


 16 September 2011 was Stella’s third Birthday, and of course she received lots of lovely presents, as shown below left, and plenty of Birthday cake, shown being shared with Rosie.


IMG_2993 Stellas 3rd.jpg IMG_3007 Stellas 3rd.jpg


A couple of shots of the Birthday girl with her ribbon for the day are shown next.


IMG_2998 Stellas 3rd.jpg       IMG_2999 Stellas 3rd.jpg



January 2011 saw Virginia and Stella celebrating Rosie’s Birthday.


First we can see Stella and Rosie waiting for the action together.


IMG_2836.jpeg  IMG_2838.jpeg


Then we have the Birthday girl Rosie admiring her cake




The girls dressed up for Christmas 2010 are shown below.


  Stella & Rosie Xmass 2010 1.jpeg Stella Xmass 2010 4.jpeg Stella Xmass 2010 2.jpeg


Speaking of Birthdays, on 16 September 2010 Stella celebrated her 2nd Birthday with Virginia and Rosie. Virginia reports that Stella’s Birthday presents included a new reflective harness, a rope ball, a brain teaser ball and a BPA free bottle for the park. Some pictures taken on the day are shown below.


        Stella 2.jpg          Stella 6.jpg 

       Stella with one of her new balls        And Stella with Rosie admiring her Birthday cake  


Stella 7.jpg Stella 8.jpg Stella 9.jpg

Stella and Rosie posing at home


            Stella 4.jpg          Stella 3a.jpg

                     Time for play                          Stella cooling off in the park after a run



June, 2010 finds Stella in the park, playing ball with her mate Rosie.


Stella IMG_2459a.jpg


 Stella IMG_2479e.jpg        Stella IMG_2438.jpg



Next we see Stella celebrating her first Birthday in September 2009, along with best friend Rosie.  They begin with Stella’s Birthday cakes!




IMG_1781  IMG_1800  IMG_1796


IMG_1782  IMG_1801


Next are some June 2009 photos of Stella and Rosie.


Stella 1 June 2009  Stella 2 June 2009


Stella and Rosie 1 June 2009  Stella and Rosie 2 June 2009


Then, three pictures from February 2009 show Stella enjoying her toys

(yes, she has a few to choose from!)


IMG_1052a  IMG_1065  IMG_1069


The next three, also from February 2009, show Stella with Rosie (and Virginia)


love you  IMG_1297  sharing


Next below, a couple of December 2008 photos show Stella's first Christmas!


IMG_1030    IMG_1046


In earlier pictures, Stella does a taste test, and hangs out with new housemate "Rosie".


Stella (28)   Stella (42)


Then in the next three pictures, Stella is shown relaxing in her new garden


Stella (58)  Stella (65)  Stella (62)


Now a bit older, Stella loves her balls


IMG_0919  IMG_0974


and loves Virginia and Rosie


IMG_0938  IMG_0940  IMG_0942  


and plays "Big Girl" games with Rosie!





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