Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia



Vale Shadow

13 August 1994 – 29 December 2010


(Australian Champion Mashiara Moonshadow)


Shadow was our first pure-bred Belgian Shepherd, our first show dog, the foundation of our Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds Kennel and our very much beloved companion for almost half our lives together. She was a mother or foster mother to all our other dogs and even on her last day still padded around the house after her girls.  We were very pleased that she was with us to enjoy her 16th Birthday in August, 2010 and that she was here with family and friends to help us celebrate Christmas 2010. We will always remember our lovely girl and will always be grateful to Melissa Gore for giving us this bundle of joy.


Shadow was a successful show dog during the 1990’s. She obtained her Australian Champion title on 16 October, 1995 and was awarded 579 Challenge points before she retired in 1999. Her biggest victory was winning Challenge Bitch and Runner-up Best of Breed in the face of very strong competition and with a Belgian judge at the Sydney Royal Show in April, 1997. We were so proud of our girl!


Shadow had her first and only litter in October, 1997 and her sons Zulu and Mali survive her. Zulu has been her life-long companion and still lives with us, whilst Mali lives with our good friend Rae in Sydney. Sadly, she had been preceded in death by daughters Peppy and Peggy Bumble Bee.


For more information on Shadow, see her web page at: Shadow's page.

For more pictures of her and the family enjoying her 16th Birthday,

see: Shadow's 16th Birthday page.


Some of our favourite pictures of “Mrs Bear” as she was affectionately known,

 are shown below.


A Kandy and Shadowa.jpg


Shadow started out as the companion for our 14 year old Belgian Shepherd cross, Kandy,

shown above with cute little puppy Shadow


A Shadow and Baxter 1995a


In late 1995, Shadow was joined by TervuerenBaxie”, shown above

being guided by "foster Mum" Shadow


Shadow on Showa.jpg 


Lesley and the young Show Dog Shadow pose at the Mona Vale Show ground


Baxie and Shadow by sea 11-96a 


Rob with Baxie and Shadow on the show trail near Port Stephens in November 1996.


A Shadow with her pups 1997a.jpg


Shadow with her pups in October 1997


D1000091a.jpg   Shadows 11th BD 90.jpg


Shadow at her 11th Birthday party in August 2005


Shadow and Zulu Nov 2005.JPG 


Shadow and son Zulu relaxing in the garden in November, 2005




Shadow at age 15 years by the front door ready to go out in May 2010


DSCF4552a.jpg DSCF4560b.jpg DSCF4545b.jpg


Finally, Shadow had plenty of help to celebrate her 16th Birthday on 13 August 2010.

First we see Shadow (left) with son Zulu; in the middle Shadow eyes up her cake; and in the third picture we see (from left to right) Clyde, Dancer, Shadow and Dream all ready to play.



We’ll greatly miss our sweet and lovely Mrs Bear. Know that you have left a huge hole in our hearts and in our lives.  Rest easy our lovely girl, until we meet again...




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