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Champion Moonshadow Graecious Winterain CCD, RN, ADX,



D.O.B. 20/6/2008





As shown above, Raina has gone to live with Elspeth and Michael in Newcastle.

She has gone on to become a successful show and obedience dog.


Thanks to Elspeth and Michael, recent photos of Raina and news

of her accomplishments can be found below.


Raina celebrated her 7th Birthday in June 2015. The picture shown below of her at that time (on the right) with her little nephew Linus was sent by Elspeth.


Linus and Raina June 15 IMG_1139.JPG


The latest award Raina received was in June, 2016, when she was awarded her Snooker Dog Excellent (SDX) title. November, 2014 saw her awarded her Jumping Dog Masters (JDM) award. Earlier in the year, in May 2014, she was awarded her Strategic Pairs Dog Excellent (SPDX) title. A picture of her in May, 2014 with her latest ribbon is shown below.


Raina obedience awards May 14a.png


Earlier titles came in November 2012 when she received her Rally Novice (RN) and Snooker Dog (SD) titles. This closely followed her achieving her Agility Dog Excellent (ADX) title and her Gambler’s Dog (GD) title in September 2012!


Prior to that, she achieved her JDX (Jumping Dog Excellent) title in July, 2011, her AD (Agility Dog) title in October, 2011, and her SPD (Strategic Pairs Dog) title in July 2012!


In terms of other pictures, first we have her pictured with some of her ribbons towards the end of 2010. Next is an “action” shot, followed by a more contemplative one!


raina01a.jpg  raina02a.jpg  raina03a.jpg


31 July 2010


Competing at the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Obedience Trial, Raina was judged the highest scoring Belgian Shepherd on the day, and attained the title of CCD (Community Companion Dog). She also attained her JD (Jumping Dog) title.


All smiles on the day from Raina and Elspeth, shown below

being congratulated by Michele with Louie (see Grace’s webpage).




Many thanks to Elspeth for her work training and showing Raina, and to Michael and Elspeth for the pictures shown below.


First, we see Raina with Sheltie housemates Page and Ferris in May 2010.


DSC_0067sA.jpg  DSC_0132sA.jpg  DSC_0156sA.jpg


5 February 2010


On this day Raina was awarded her Australian Champion title. So big congratulations to her and of course to Elspeth and Michael her owners were sent from Rob and Lesley, sister Dream and daddy Paco. She is now officially called Champion Moonshadow Graecious Winterain.


On her way to her title, Rob and Lesley and Dream and Dancer joined Elspeth, Michael and Raina at Morisset for the show weekend of 18-20 September 2009. We were delighted when Raina was awarded the Best Junior age dog in the Working Dog Group!  Below are some pictures of Raina on show at Morisset. To the left in the final picture are Lesley and Dancer, also in the Group lineup.


DSCF3999c  DSCF4001c  DSCF4003c


DSCF4005c  DSCF4012a  DSCF4013c






We caught up with Elspeth and Raina at both the Queensland and the NSW Belgian Shepherd Specialty shows, as shown below. First we have Raina keeping cool under the Judge's tent, and then having fun in the ring at Queensland on 6 June 2009.


DSCF3848a  DSCF3852b


Then Raina poses outside the ring at the NSW Show on 1 August 2009


DSCF3938a  DSCF3940a


January 2009 pictures of Raina, thanks again to Michael and Elspeth.


raina1a       raina2a




The following earlier photos of Raina were taken at the Illawara and SE Belgian Shepherd

Dog Club of NSW show on 25 August, 2008 (used with permission of © Callencos).


3101_MoonshadowGraeciousWinterain    3102_MoonshadowGraeciousWinterain    3106_MoonshadowGraeciousWinterain



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