Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia


2006 GroenendalePuppy Portraits 2


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These are the second set of individual, portrait style photos of Rhianne and Paco's puppies,

taken on 21 December 2006, at almost seven and one-half weeks of age. 

They have on different coloured collars so that they can be identified.

The names shown below correspond with the colour of the collar.

Since they all now have pet names as well, these new names

are shown in brackets after their old collar name.


      DSCF1184a   DSCF1200a   DSCF1201a   DSCF1202a   DSCF1217a   DSCF1231a

Brown collared girl (Avalon)


   DSCF1236a   DSCF1237a   DSCF1252a

Panda-coloured collar girl (Bella)


DSCF1258a   DSCF1261a   DSCF1262a   DSCF1272a

Pink collared girl (Misty)


DSCF1283a   DSCF1278a   DSCF1290a   DSCF1279a

Red collared girl (Indie)


DSCF1181a   DSCF1189a   DSCF1293a   DSCF1304a   DSCF1335a

Green collared girl (Kyra)


DSCF1346a   DSCF1349a   DSCF1350a  DSCF1357a

Tiger-coloured collar girl (Tiger)


DSCF1161a   DSCF1162a   DSCF1159a   DSCF1395a   DSCF1401a

The boy (Magic)



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